Sunday, July 13, 2008

We had so much fun on our latest vacation. Me and the kids drove to Salt Lake and picked my brother and his fiancee up to drive with us to Denver to visit my Mom and Dad. We had so much fun there! My parents watched the kids EVERY night and I got to hang out with Scott and Danielle and my sister Kelly and her new husband, Jonathan. It was so great meeting both Danielle and Jonathan. We love them both lots!! I was a slacker and missed out on a lot of good photo opportunities, but we had fun anyways!! We played lots, watched lots of movies, had yummy food, and went to lots of fun kid places. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa and everyone else for lots of fun!! Then we drove back to Utah and I stayed with my friend Jen for a few days. We had tons of fun...and I took NO pictures! Lame, I know! Jen did a photo shoot of my kids and I can't wait to get those pictures and post them! They are AMAZINGLY cute...Jen is the best photographer ever! Thanks Jen for letting us crash your place and hang out with you guys!!


Jen said...

It was tons of crazy fun! You all try having a 7 year old and 7 kids 5 and under in one house for a few days! WHEW! Babysitters were definitely worth the money that week!

Pricilla said...

How fun. You got to do a lot of fun things. Did you drive to with your kids all by yourself? I am a little worried about doing that when we visit Oregon next month.