Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's of yesterday, Sparkly Larkily is a sitter! Yippee!!! She just turned 7 months and wanted to prove to us what a big girl she is!

You can't tell from this picture because I got some rugs, but I had Stanley Steemer come and clean and my carpet looks AMAZING!!! I am so pleased. It has never looked this good! I wouldn't mind having white carpet if I could afford to have it cleaned once a month!!
Lark is not crying here...she's just so excited that she can hardly keep from squealing!!
After we put the kids to bed last night we snuck into the girls' room and found Arwen and Larkin just playing together on the floor. So cute!

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Grandma Carrot said...

It's so neat that Arwin and Larken can play and have fun together. I remember you and Kelly having a special big sister relationship.