Friday, June 30, 2006

We had a really fun trip to Denver this last week to visit my family. It was so good to see everyone! The first day there, we went to the Denver Zoo. We saw lots of animals and got to ride the little zoo train. The kids loved that. Then they rode the carosel and finished off the trip by eating ice cream and cotton candy. Noah was a big fan of the cotton candy!! Arwen had fun playing with my brother Scott, my sister Kelly, and her boyfriend Charlie. We met up with my dad and then went to a 50's style restaurant for dinner. Arwen didn't eat much, but had fun squeezing out an entire bottle of ketchup on her fries. Noah loved his baby corn dogs and Aaron's milk shake! That night Aaron and I got to go out without the kids and we watched "Nacho Libre." It was so funny!
The next day we went to the Denver museum and saw the "Body Worlds 2" exhibit. That's the exhibit where some guy took a bunch of dead bodies (rumer has it some of them were donated from a prison camp somewhere) to show displays of how muscles and the insides work. It was really cool. The coolest thing was the camel they had on display. That night Aaron, Scott, and I went bowling. Usually I never bowl over an 80, but that night I got a spare, a spare, a strike, a strike, another strike, (TURKEY) a spare, a spare, and then missed a few on my last few frames. I got a 180. It was so amazing!
Saturday my dad was able to take the day off and we drove up above timberline to a place called Trail Ridge Road. It is the highest paved road in America. It was so pretty. We saw elk, mountain goats, and other animals. It was pretty cold up there--there was still snow on the ground. I about died from the altitude. It was up around 12,500 I think! That night we went to the mall where they had a rock wall that was probably 4 times bigger than any I have ever seen before. It was huge. There were six different levels, 1 being the easiest. Aaron made it up the 4. I was so impressed!!
Sunday after church, my dad bar b qued for us. Way yummy!! On Monday, we did some shopping, then that night we went to an amusement park called Lakeside. It is way old school and had a really great kiddie land. Noah was scared to death, but Arwen had a blast. She even went on the kiddie roller coaster by herself and kept her arms in the air the whole time. She would scream going down the hill, but then got this really bored look on her face for the rest of it. It was too funny! Aaron and I got to ride the roller coaster and the wild chipmunk and some others. It was way fun. Arwen somehow lost her pink shoe under the carosel--in the pit of no return, so had to walk around the rest of the night with only one shoe!!
Our last day there, we got Arwen new Croc's (and some for me! thanks Mom!!) and met up with my grandma for lunch at my Cousin's new restaurant. It was really good! After that we went to the mall where my mom spoiled us even more and then left for the airport! It was such a great trip! THANKS FAMILY SO MUCH!!!

Arwenisms: All I can say is that she is sassier than ever!
Noahisms: All he ate in Denver was hot dogs. Pretty gross!
Joshuaisms: Yesterday while trying to take photos of him on his belly, the scrawny little thing rolled right over.