Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!
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 Pretty much, no one had any idea who we were this year :(  Aaron wore his hat to work and everyone thought he was a viking.  Oh well.  The kids loved their costumes...they are the masterminds behind everyones get ups!

In case you're wondering, we are characters from, Avatar, The Last Airbender from Nickelodeon.  Joshua is Aang, the Airbender.  Arwen is Katara, the Waterbender.  Noah is Zuko, the Firebender...but not the bad Zuko...Zuko when he's a good guy.  I am Toph, the Earthbender.  Larkin is Momo, the Winged Lemur and also Aang's pet.  Aaron is Appa the Water Bison.
Sweet little Momo was not in many pictures because she had a high fever and was pretty grumpy :(  So much for spending lots of $$ and time to make her darn costume...she wouldn't even wear it at the Trunk or Treat party tonight.  Gotta love it!  Anyways, Happy Halloween from the Nielsen Benders!

In case you were wondering about the real characters, here they are.
 Toph, the Earthbender.
And the rest of the gang!

Monday, October 11, 2010

I was just running upstairs for something...I can't remember what right now.  Larkin and Josh were in the family room giggling and playing nicely.  I overheard Larkin say to Josh, "I have a tail in my nose."  I stopped on the stairs and said, "What??"  Joshua said, "She has a stretchy rat tail in her nose."  I immediately knew what she had done.  I made a super cute advent Halloween calendar for the kids and the treat on Saturday was cute little stretchy mice for them to play with.   Apparently Larkin tore her "rat tail" off and shoved it up her nose.  She had the funniest look on her face.  I told her to follow me so I could take a picture of her funny face...before taking the mouse tail out.  The huge lens was on the camera so I told her to wait a minute.  Right as I got them switched out and was ready to take picture of the silliest face ever, she sneezed!  Out came the "rat tail" with lots of snot.  So, no picture, but it was pretty funny!  Now if I can somehow get her to stop putting garbage in her ears and nose! 

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Arwen had a great game today in the rain.  I caught her pouring her water over her head when she was subbed out.  Rain or no, it's just a fun thing to do I guess.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Noah's Project

Noah got into the building mood the other day and decided to build a giant wooden sponge bob.

Mostly him and Joshua just bent a bunch of nails, but did get some pounded through the boards into the grass.

After a day or so with Joshua's help they converted the sponge bob project into a train track project.

When we got around to taking it down they were OK with it because they could still follow the train tracks now made out of dead grass instead of wood.