Sunday, July 31, 2011

River Day

River Day 

Nice splash Noah.

 "C" is for cold.  The day was nice and warm but the water was cold.  

It took Arwen all day to get brave enough to swim across the cold river to jump off the rocks.

Here Joshua is showing me swimming without getting to wet.

 Silly little Lulu.

 We went treasure hunting up and down the banks and Joshua and the other kids had a lot of good loot.  So much that they had to choose which to bring home and which to leave behind.  

Noah and Joshua played together pretty well building swimming pools and finding rocks.

 Joshua and Noah helped build a little cesspool that was warmer then the rest of the river.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Track Day

Track Day

Look dad I can fly for just a little bit. ~Joshua

He was a little upset after his first run until he realized he got a ribbon anyway.

 I did good on the pigs, oh I mean the turtles...I just jumped over the turtles easily and I winned. ~Larkin

And she did, she got first place on the 50m hurdles, I mean turtles.

 The green ribbon I thought said practice.  
I thought I had to practice more running. ~Arwen

Noah was much relived this morning when he found out that the "practice" ribbons were really participation ribbons.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

The train tracks miss Joshua

...the garden misses Arwen

...the swing misses Larkin

...the secret passage misses Noah

...and so do I.  But most of all I miss you Sarah.

Have lot's of fun.  

And Happy Birthday!