Thursday, April 23, 2009

I have been working on potty training Joshua for the last month. Don't ask how he's doing...let's just say that he'll hopefully be a pro by the time his birthday rolls around.
 Joshua just told me he had to go pee pee so I told him to go and sit on his potty chair. He then went and played trains instead. I walked in to check on him and saw that he peed his pants. I pulled off his wet clothes and noticed he was wearing his Thomas the Train underpants...his FAVORITES!! I told him it makes Thomas sad when he pee pees on him. He told me, "Uh, I think Thomas pee peed on me." When I brought him a dry pair of Thomas unders he pointed to them and said, "Thomas, don't pee on me and I won't poo poo on you." Fair enough, I guess.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Do you see these eyes? Notice anything different about them?? Look closer...these are my very own, real eyes seeing everything without the aid of glasses or contacts! Amazing!! I got Lasik done a month ago and have been seeing clearly ever since! It was the neatest experience ever! It took under 3 minutes and I was able to see fine right afterwards. By the next day, I was seeing 20/20 all on my own. Cool, huh?
Woo hoo for sunny weather! We made full use of the awesome weather this weekend and ventured off to the coast to get some ice cream, cheese, and agates! We had a always!
We took a little detour and went up a road that leads to University Falls. We didn't actually see any falls, but it was a pretty drive. Here's Aaron precariously crossing a downed tree. It was a pretty far drop...

The kids had lots of fun playing in the sand and rocks. Arwen and Noah liked to climb the really big rocks and scream at us to look at them.
Here is how Larkin occupied her time...she dipped a small stone in a lovely puddle of salt water and then licked the salt water off. Yummy!
I love the green of the moss on the rock walls at the coast. Funny how it's pretty here, but I hate the moss that grows on my roof!

We had lots of fun, found lots of agates, ate cheese and ice cream, and really enjoyed being together!!

Monday, April 06, 2009

This is the closet thing we could get to a decent family shot. It's way too hard when you have to set the camera on the tri-pod and then use the timer and have Aaron jump in at the last minute while grabbing Larkin!!
I just love the color of Noe's eyes in this picture!
Here's the one and only kid picture that Larkin is not trying to run away in! Yea!!
Yea! Spring has finally sprung here in Portland...well for a few days anyway! We enjoyed beautiful, warm weather while watching General Conference this weekend. We went up to Jenkin's Estate and took a few pictures in Easter attire between sessions on Sunday. It was so much fun to be outside!! The kids love it...and so do I!! (Well...I don't like them running in and out ALL day and getting so dirty...but it's worth it to have happy kids!!) Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Okay. Let me just say that Larkin was a complete PILL when it came to smiling for the camera. Who am I kidding...she was a PILL when it came to staying where we put her! She wandered away in every single picture...she'll probably look at these in ten years and be convinced that we hated her because there are no pictures of her with the other kids!

I really wanted a picture with both my girls...but refer to caption under the previous picture!!

Here are my beautiful boys!
What a sweet big sister.

I love this picture of Arwen. She sure is a princess!

I have three more...but they are too big right now. When I get them resized, I will post them.

Friday, April 03, 2009

It's been too long since I last blogged! Thanks to Aaron who wiped my computer and re-installed everything, everything is working it tip top shape again!! We went to a park right by our house on the one non-rainy day this March! The kids had lots of fun. I took a couple of cute pictures of Larkin doing her her thing.
Don't you love the pig tails? They last about 2 minutes before she rips her "pretties" out of her hair!
She had fun as long as she was not made to look at the camera and smile!!
Her tantrums were beginning here! What a pouty, stubborn girl!