Friday, March 23, 2007

Joshua is finally big enough to join the kids during their bath time! He loves it...until the kids get too rowdy and scare him. The tubs getting smaller and smaller though!!
What a silly, sweet little boy!
Noahisms: We were at the mall play place when a little kid was pushing Arwen. (usually it's Noah pushing another kid that I have to worry about..but not this time!) Noah went up to the kid and said, "Don't be bad, kid!" Then he went over to Arwen and said, "Arwen (he doesn't call her sissy anymore) I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" I then asked Noah if he was just sticking up for his sister and he said, "I'm just being the mom." What a goof ball!
We are having issues getting Noah to be reverent during family prayers. Aaron asked him to pray yesterday and he started, then stopped and said, "I can't." Aaron kept trying to get him to try and he kept saying," I can't" Then finally he opened his eyes and said, "I just can't. What are we going to do about this?" I was dying! I had my hands covering my face because I couldn't stop laughing. Aaron was speechless, when Noah said, "Tickle me!" So Aaron did and then finaly Noah was able to say the prayer!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Aaron takes his scouts on a campout every third weekend. This month they got to do something really cool. Aaron took the day off on Friday and met his boys and their dads at 5:30 am to go up to the mountains and build snow caves. He said they had a blast! They spent all of Friday building the caves and then slept in them all night. He said that he and Peter (that's his assistant scout master) had the best cave. They had to...they had to impress all of the kids and their fathers! So the picture above is actually a snow palace. Most of the caves were crawling room only. It was too grandiose to actually trap any heat, but it was a warm night--just barely dipped under freezing. Me and the kids had a fun time here. We went over to our friends house (Pricilla--Peter's wife) and had dinner and let the kids play. It was a fun time!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Here's sweet Joshua when he was supposed to be taking his nap. Lately he has just lays in my bed and makes silly sounds instead of sleeping during his morning nap!
One of Aaron's favorite desserts is chocolate mousse cake. The problem is we can never find a good one at the stores...we got spoiled while living in Israel...they had the best desserts at this bakery by our house. Anyways, we decided to try a new recipe and it turned out really good. Aaron says that they are better than the ones at Berry's Bakery. It was a fun FHE dessert!

Friday, March 09, 2007

At Christmas time, thanks to Grandma Marsha's pretty glass tree ornaments, Noah earned himself quite a few bandaids! One of them was on his thumb sucking thumb. It was amazing! He kept his bandaid on for three days, and didn't suck his thumb once. He then went 2 whole months without sucking his thumb until...I potty trained him. Well, he's now potty trained, but sucks his thumb more than he ever did! Aaron sewed him up a "thumb buster" the other day. Noah's pretty smart though...he started sucking his other thumb. So Aaron made another one. They worked well until Noah got tuna fish on one and dirt on the other and freaked out and tore them off. He is such a silly little boy!

Arwenisms: I finally got around to getting Arwen's hair cut. She loves it! She will sneak into the bathroom and just stare at herself in the mirror. She came into Joshua's room this morning while I was changing him with this cute little grin on her face. I asked her what was up and she told me that this was how she needed to smile from now on. I asked her why and she said that she was so pretty and that this was her prettiest smile. Silly little girl!
Noahisms: Noah was starting to look like a Q-Tip due to his wild and crazy fluffy hair. He got a haircut too and thoroughly enjoyed himself. I'm just excited because he doesn't look like a cancer victim like when I cut his hair!
He threw one of Arwen's snow globes from the top bunk the other day and broke it. He came down to me and said, "Oh man. Sissy is so mad at me!" He said it in the cutest voice ever. I couldn't even get mad...I just made him repeat himself like a million times!