Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day at the Beach

After Larkin's soccer game on Saturday we took off to the beach.  We rolled into Tilllamook around noon and had some lunch and ice-cream at the cheese factory.  Then headed down to Cape Kiwanda to see how the kids fared at climbing the dune.

We "raced" to the top and Larkin won.  Later she came up to me and said something to the effect of "Thank's Dad for letting me win, but I know Dad...I was going to die I was so tired"  

Noah and Joshua spent a lot of their time hunting jelly fish.

Joshua's prize jelly.  We "pickled" a few of these this morning in a little spice jar I had sitting around.  They look cool but we couldn't get air into them to make them float.  

The 2nd time we all went to the top of the dune I sat down and watched them play on the rope swing and thought that'd be a great picture.  "Hey kids," I said, "I'll be right back...well, better give me 15 minutes or so."  I talked Sarah into coming back up as I grabbed the camera.

Noah swinging off the edge of the world...

And Joshua...

And Sarah!

Arwen did it too but I only got video of that.

I was running down the hill at a thousand miles an hour when I looked off tho my left and here comes Noah zipping past me.  I speed up and fumble with the camera.  The end of the dune was approaching and I couldn't get enough distance between me and Noah to get the shot so I flipped it on and blindly pointed in his direction and took a few shots and got lucky.  

We did one last climb and run before heading home for the evening.  
It was a perfect day at the beach.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Run

Sarah and I ran in the Zombie Apocalypse Run yesterday evening.  It was full of helicopters out "hunting" for zombies, people in hazmat suits, and military out to keep survivors safe.  There were even 3 huge machines out showing off their impressive "punkin chunkin" skills.  It was awesome!

You could choose to be a Zombie or a Survivor.

We chose zombie.

All survivors had velcro flags around their waists and if they crossed the finish line with a flag they survived.

 It was a little over a 5k and the survivors got a 2 min head start.  It was a trail run and was gorgeous!  We went through the spooky woods, corn stalks and farms.

It was a lot of fun growling and having people scatter when you caught up to them.  I'd chase some of them down for a while till they tired out then go for their flags.

Both Sarah and I got a few kills under our belt and had a great time.  One of Sarah's kills fought back, got his flag from Sarah and ran off course into the fields.  (Sarah here--Aaron is being modest.  He got lots of kills and I almost had 2.  Aaron was one of the very first "zombies" in.  We went to Olive Garden after to re-fuel.  You should have seen the looks and heard the comments.  One old man was disgusted and had some choice words for Aaron.  It was great.)