Monday, January 07, 2013

Cold Christmas in Denver

We got a taste of the cold we were in for in Denver on the drive.  We thought -11º F was pretty bad but we hit -17º F or so on the way home.

We took a stop at Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls and had fun looking at all the frozen waterfalls and trying to break holes in a little frozen lake.

We did a little tennis shoe ice skating on a big patch of  ice on one of the overlooks.  Only a few crashes.

All in all the drive was nice.  The kids had their endless supply of movies and Sarah and I had audio books.  

Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Box

It's still true, boxes are usually more fun to play with than whatever came in them.  
Noah and Joshua loved this box so much they built a bed out of it after playing with it.  Tonight we anticipated the E.R. as the kids road it down the stairs.  Every kid that was brave enough to take it from the top step ended up getting a little banged up.  But that didn't stop them from taking another turn.