Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yippy!! The kids finally filled up their marble jar and earned their Christmas present up to The Great Wolf Lodge, in Washington. How did they do it, you ask?? being good and helping mom clean up around the house. It took quite a while, but they did it!!

I know, I know Arwen told me this was a naughty picture because Larkin is showing her midriff...and I agree...only I love it!! In my defense, this is the swim suit I bought for Larkin the first time we went to the Lodge and is size 3 months. She turns 1 in a couple of weeks!!

Here's Ar shooting down the water slide...she is fearless! It was really fun to let her and Noah kind of do their own thing. I didn't feel like I had to watch their every move...which was great since Larkin was always trying to get into mischief...crawling off into deeper and deeper water!!

Noah really impressed me. He's usually a little timid with things and he just jumped in the water and "swam" like a fish. He had the greatest time ever!!

Silly Josh!! He looked like he had been in a fight when we took his goggles off. He had red circles around his eyes to go with his rashy, ouchy skin.

I LOVE this picture of Larkin. After about 5 minutes of crawling around, her knees were raw and so she discovered the "Mowgli" crawl. That brings back such fond memories of sweet baby Joshua!! I also love her little bum!!

Noah talked the family into braving the hot tub outside. It was really fun.

This picture is the greatest. Larkin nearly NEVER will get comfy enough to go to sleep in our arms. We wore her out enough that she did!! I was so happy!! (Notice that I am still dripping wet...well Noah wanted to go on some of the big kid slides that are under the giant bucket that drops 1000 gallons of water down on the park every 10 minutes or so. Noah chickened out about going on the slide at the last minute and as I was trying to talk him into it, the bucket dropped RIGHT on top of us!! Noah screamed and I just laughed!!)

The lodge added a new attraction that was so fun when you had gotten your chlorine intake for the day. It's called MagiQuest. The kids had wands and got to play an interactive wizard game throughout the HUGE lodge. We had to travel up and down 5 flights of stairs over and over...great work out!! It was tons of fun!! Arwen and Noah completed their quests and the 3 adventures and got certificates.
I love this picture taken in the lodge of the kids wishing they were inside the swimming park instead of relaxing by the big cozy fire!

What a cute family...too bad Aaron is missing. I realized when I got home (and looked at the pictures, that I didn't take one single picture of Aaron...what a bad wife I am!!)

This is my most favorite picture taken the whole trip. Normally whenever Noah comes within two feet of Larkin she screams like a dragon and lunges to get away. This time, she let him wrestle with her and even liked it!!

Here we are enjoying a soak in the hot tub.

It wouldn't be a trip without a yummy ice cream cone. Here's Joshua and Arwen patiently waiting for their cones!!

And this about sums our trip up!! It was a little wild, a little crazy, and just plain fun!!
The Nielsen Family is thankful for...
...chocolate cream pies for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning...out of the garbage can!!

Will somebody feed this girl already??

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I was Tagged!!

8 tv shows I watch

The Office


Sometimes I watch Antiques Roadshow!!

Lost (except we only watch it as one big marathon when it comes out in DVD!!)



Maya and Miguel

Dragon Tales (I know...lame, but there really aren't too many shows we are into right now!)

8 Favorite Restaurants


Good Sushi place

Can't remember the name...but the thai place with great Pho


McCormick and Schmick's

Fenton's...too bad its 600 miles away!!

Plearn...too far away!!

I used to crave Chick Fil-A sandwiches...too bad the closest one to me is in like Utah...but now that McDonald's has the Country Chicken sandwich that taste the SAME...I'm good!

8 Things I did yesterday

Cheered when the siding guys were done siding my house!

Went to Target

Dropped Arwen off and picked her up from school

Went to Young Women's

Cleaned my room and the downstairs

Made homemade Chicken Noodle Soup...homemade noodles even :)

Gave the kids a bath

Read General Conference Talk

8 things I look forward to

Noah being in school ;)

Larkin walking...she's just so darn little and cute...I can't wait to see her running around the house!

Joshua being potty trained...this may be in the WAY future...but it will be nice!!

Scott's Wedding

Going to Great Wolf Lodge on Monday for the kids' Christmas present from us

Jen coming to visit and take my family picture...she gets here tonight!!

Arwen learning to read...she can't wait and is doing great!

Aaron coming home from work :)

8 things I love







A great book

Larkin saying, "Uh oh!" So cute!!

8 things I can't stand

A dirty house!!

Dirty kids...though you'd never know that by looking at mine!!

Cats...sorry they make me DIE when I get around them

Changing Larkin's bad can it be...come and try and you'll find out! She is so naughty!!

Mean people


White carpet

Pink walls in a house (I's been 6 years...I should just paint them already!!)

8 things on my wish list

Towels that are mildew free...gotta love living in WET Oregon

A new house

Kids that turn out as great people!!

To go to Hawaii next summer during Aaron's sabbatical

To visit Alaska

To go back to Israel


A happy family!!

8 people I am tagging




Jenn H.

Amy B.





Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Happy Halloween. We had a great fun-filled week. Noah's costume party was a blast. On Halloween night, we went the Halloween party at church and handed out candy there.

Here's my cute little frog...that would not wear his frog head!

Here is Spiderman and the witch getting their loot!
And don't forget about my pretty pink octopus!
"I'll cast a spell on you..."
Too bad we didn't get a better picture of this was my favorite costume ever!! After trick or treating at church, the kids came home and made themselves sick with candy while watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas." So much fun!
Happy 4th Birthday Noah! Noah had a costume party...that he planned himself!! It was loads of fun!!
Here is Black Spiderman blowing out his candles!! (I'm just glad he got to, as he woke up with a nasty stomach flu the morning of his birthday.)

Here are the little Halloweenies we munched on.
There were his Birthday cup cakes!
And the yummy Sneaky Snake Pinwheel. We had lots of other Halloween munchies that were pretty fun! Thanks everyone that came. Noah loved ALL his gifts!!