Monday, January 22, 2007

After being cooped up all week because of the snow storm, we decided to brave the cold weather and spend the day in Portland. We went to the big toy store in the City Center and had lots of fun playing with the marble sets and trains and cars and...!The kids were good and didn't even scream when it was time to go. They even got a balloon they were so good! Next, we went to the mall and had Hot Dog on a Stick. It's so yummy! Noah had a blast throwing his french fries into the fountain right by our table. Then we had some yummy cookies from Paradise Bakery. Aaron has Arwen and Noah convinced that The Apple Store is the greatest place in the universe.
They love to go in and sit on the cool black chairs that are like huge, soft, balls. They had fun playing Lightning McQueen games. After the mall, we headed down to the water front where Noah had even more fun throwing all the garbage he could find on the ground into the river.
He accidentally let Arwen's balloon go. Arwen was so mad. We let her throw Noah's into the air. Somehow it didn't help her feel any better. Noah has been talking about it since. He's into that phase where he just repeats things over and over until you go crazy! Then we headed back to the light rail and found our car! It was lots of fun! We finished off our day with a trip to Costco to buy tons of hams for a funeral I am doing tomorrow.
Arwenisms: Aaron and Arwen built one of those paper chains where you pull off a paper each day until Christmas gets there. When we left for California, we still had three chains left. A few days after we got back, Arwen sighed and told me that it looked like Christmas would never come. Isn't it sad?

Noahims: Yesterday after church, we fed the kids hot dogs. (I am sick to death of Noah pushing what I make for dinner each night out of the way and saying, "No thanks, it's yucky.") Noah was running around the table while Aaron and I were eating and then we heard this splatter right behind my chair. There's nothing like thrown up hot dog! Anyways, he wasn't sick, he just coughed and it must have got his gag reflex. He had a great time telling me about it all night till he fell asleep in my arms and then again today!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sweet little Joshua was inside napping during all of our snow fun. But he sure does like to touch the cold window and look at the snow!
We had a real snow storm this week...not the kind we usually have where you see lots of pretty snow outside and then go out to find 4 inches of solid ice on top it. We actually got to go outside and play in it. Schools have been closed all week. Aaron got to stay home. (Too bad he had his laptop, cause it was torture having him here and having to keep the kids from pestering him since he was really busy!!) Everything in the whole city shuts down at any mention of snow since Oregon owns all of like 3 snow plows!! After this we all went in and had a tea party with yummy homemade hot cocoa!Little Noah was inside the house with me making cookies because he refused to wear "globs" (gloves) and didn't like how cold his hands got!This is the first snow man Arwen ever built...and she loved him!Aaron and Arwen built this snow man one day. Arwen had fun licking him. Then, the next day when we sent the kids out to play, we looked out and noticed our snow man was gone. The kids told us that they ate him! This is the greatest picture ever. Notice how Arwen's glove fell off...and that snow ball hit the lens of our new camera with precision we didn't think klutzy Arwen had. This was the last picture taken this day!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

We had a crazy snow/hail storm the other day. It looked like hail coming down, but it was soft like snow. The kids had a fun time playing out it it for a few minutes. It was below zero, so they only lasted a little while!

Friday, January 05, 2007

While Mom's away (i.e. in the shower) ...the kids will play (i.e. make a mess!) Noah decided to feed Joshua the rest of the oatmeal that he didn't finish for lunch. Thanks Noah! Josh loves going through three outfits in one morning!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Here's the best present I got for Christmas this year!!
Everyone went on a really pretty hike to a place called Little Yosemite. (Well, everyone but me and my boys...Noah was sick!) I guess Arwen whined enough to get carried most of the way!
Check out the roots on this tree!
Here's our family portrait for the year...we were planning on taking it on the hike. I guess we can just photoshop the rest of us in right?
Arwen and Evan are the best of friends. Evan calls Arwen Princess. At least 4 or 5 times a day you'd hear him shout, "Where my Princess go?" It was so cute! He insisted that everyone call him Herbie. I wish they lived closer together. I kept telling Evan I was going to take him home with me...and he believed me. He was sad when we left. Arwen was too!
We stopped off to take some cool pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge after spending the night at Matthew and Bethany's.
Here's Aunt Meghan with the little naughties!!
We all went out and spent a nice evening in Grandma and Grandpa's spa. Arwen kept posing for the camera like she was in a Sports Illustrated layout!!
There was a man on the Wharf with a giant iguana (I think). He let the kids play with it and hold it. Noah loved it! He even gave it a few hugs. This was totally surprising since he is usually such a scaredy cat!
Ahhh! What a cute little girl Joshua makes!!
After spending some time in China Town, we all went back to Matthew and Bethany's place to spend the night. They have such a cute apartment!! Arwen and Noah had fun playing with all of Evan's toys and watching his movies. After the kids went to bed, the adults played some games.
Aaron, Joseph, and Matthew went for an adventure one afternoon to the Haunted Hotel. I don't think they saw any ghosts...but I'm sure it was still scary!!
The three little buddies had a fun time exploring the yard with Aaron. Noah was totally in to this motorcycle. I guess we know what to get for him next year!

The kids made out like bandits on Christmas morning! Arwen kept asking where her next present was to open even after she was done opening all of them. I think everyone was very pleased with what Santa brought for them!!Arwen got some mini scriptures from Santa. She loves them! It's cute to see her carrying them around with her everywhere!
Good old Noah was only interested in the treats. Look at him..he can chew gum and eat a sucker at the same time. That takes talent!!
Cute little Josha wore himself out pretty early on! What a sweetie!!
Here's a picture of all the grandkids Christmas Eve night...well all except Joshua. He fell asleep right before we took this picture!!