Tuesday, April 26, 2011

 Here's Noah, the soccer stud! His team used to be called the, "Turtles."  But apparently coach Mike couldn't stand that name.  But he can live with "Ninja Turtles," so Ninja Turtles it is! 
 It was such a beautiful day on Saturday.  We got up into the mid 70's.  If you'd have asked Noah, he would have informed you that that was way too hot to play soccer.
I think he had a pretty good time.  He's got some mean girls on his team that like to push him down while trying to get the ball, but Noah's a good sport about it. 
I'm hoping soccer in the fall will be a better experience for him...right now there are 12 little kinders/1st graders on his team and so pretty much it's impossible to teach them anything, so they just run around pushing and kicking each other.
I love to watch Noah play.  He is so silly!!  He's pretty fast and I think when he finally learns how to play, he'll really enjoy it. 

Monday, April 18, 2011


Windshield + Joshua's forehead = beautiful star shaped crack in windshield.

(It's not what you think...we were parked at soccer practice and Josh was drawing a picture on my touch.  He stood up on the front passenger chair to show it to me since I was outside. He must have forgotten that there was a window.  Don't worry, Joshua was fine.  Too bad my poor windshield can't say the same.)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring soccer has begun.  It's cold, wet, MUDDY, but oh so fun!!  Both Arwen and Noah are playing.  This is Noah's first season.  He had his first game yesterday. (we couldn't find the memory card...so there will be pics next week)  He still doesn't know too much about all the rules and stuff, but he did score in his first game.  It was so awesome!!

 Arwen is struggling a bit this season because her coaches are teaching them positions and the girls have to play in those position during the game.  Arwen is used to running around and chasing that ball and forgets to stay in her position.   She likes being a wing and the striker, but not so much the sweeper.  Who wants to defend when you can be scoring goals?!?! 
Usually it's Arwen throwing out the elbows and checking people...not really.  Last Saturday she knocked 4 or 5 of the other teams girls down but she made sure to help all of them up.
 Not quite sure...maybe she's excited because they scored, or bummed because they didn't ;)  It's cute though.
 Arwen's team scored 4 goals.  Arwen score 3 of those.  I'm a proud mama!!  I adore watching these kids play...even when they don't score, but oh how fun it is when they do!