Monday, August 29, 2005

Hello! We had a busy week. Arwen's friends, Kyle, Jake, and Kristen came over to play all day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. My house is still a mess, but they sure had fun playing games, doing crafts, and playing outside--that and eating--boy they suer had lots of snacks!!! Tuesday was Enrichment which was fun because it was a potluck. Friday, Aaron went to work early so he could come home early and we could go to the ward campout. It was up by Mount Hood. It was a realy pretty place. Right in the backyard of our camp spot was a huge lake. Arwen loved to just wander down and throw rocks into it (and people loved to wander up to us and make sure we knew where our little girl was!!). There was a really fun fireside thing on friday nigh with lots of games and songs. Arwen had a blast. Then we roasted marshmallows and had smores with the ward. We all slpet good--both kids ended up on our li! ttle bed and kicked me off to Arwen's bed. Man, she should have told us her bed was FREEZING!! We had a yummy breakfast with the ward then everyone played and swam in the Lake. We packed up and went a few miles away with some friends to the Alpine slides. They watched out kids while we went down and then we watched their kids. It was really fun minus the little kid who went in the fast lane and went so SLOW the whole way down. He slowed way down, so his dad did, and the Aaron did, so I did, and the guy behind me did, but the guy behind him did now and rammed the guy behind me who rammed me HARD. His dumb little cart came up onto mine and slammed right in my back. OUCH. Anyways, the ski lift up was really pretty and fun! It was a really fun, dirty weekend. Church was great. I got to sub in nursery today. There are like 22 kids in our wards nursery. Man, those poor full time leaders! It sure! does wear you out!!

Noah fell asleep at church and was laying on the bench. Arwen went to him and rubbed his head and kissed him and sang him her new favorite lullabye, "the moment I saw you, I wanted to hold you and keep you warm on a cold grey morn. The moment I held you, I wanted to kiss you and welcome you here on the day you were born." Then like 2 minutes later she was throwing a tantrum and I had to run her out!

Aaron was laying on the floor and Arwen was jumping all over his stomach and chest. Aaron was moaning and groaning and complaining and Arwen kind of stopped and said, "What's he talking about?" and then kept jumping.

She woke up this morning and said, "Come on Sar, let's go down and have breakfast."

Noah loves to just scoot around and play with toys. He loves fruit snacks, like Arwen and loves chocolate!!

He had a great time rolling in the dirt and eating rocks this weekend. He also loved drinking the remainder of Arwen's hot chocolate!

Love, NASA

Monday, August 22, 2005

We've had a busy last two weeks--mostly cause of swimming lessons. Arwen sure did like them and it was so fun to watch her do things like "chicken, airplane, soldier" on her back! Noah is glad they are done because they interfered with his nap time.
Last weekend the kids and I went to the beach with Aaron and the youth in the ward. The kids all learned to surf and played games. We brought our little tent and the kids played in there and also played in the sand (well one of them ate more sand than he played with). I found a little baby sand dollar that was whole! I was pretty excited.
This last weekend we went camping down on the coast. Aaron "won" a free camping trip by putting his name in something at the county fair. It was a time share for campers. It was fun enough. They had a lodge, a swimming pool, a play ground and lots of other things. We had a fun time and look forward to camping again this weekend at the ward camp out.
Happy Anniversary Bill and Marsha!!
Happy Birthday Meghan!!

Arwen stood on top of her bean bag and said, "Look. I'm a dangerous girl."
We were at Costco with some friends and we were eating hot dogs. Arwen always takes her hot dog out of the bun to eat it. When her friend Jake unwrapped his hot dog, she grabbed and took the hot dog out of the bun for him. He cried and I put it back and told Arwen that Jake ate his hot dog like a human, so she needed to stop. A few minutes later I looked over and Arwen said, "Look mom. I'm a human." She had put her hot dog back in the bun.

I'm not quite sure that Noah will ever crawl. He gets around just fine only because he army crawls everywhere. It's very slow, but I guess it works.
Noah is almost weened. Yea!!!! He sure is the messiest eater in the universe. He has to spit every bite of every thing I give him out into his hand to look at it first (even milk from his sippy!!).

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hi! We had a yucky week. Arwen had a break this week from swimming lessons which was good because Noah was really sick. He somehow got roseola where he had a 104 degree fever for four days and then broke out in this nasty rash all over his body. His doctor said that when the babies get the rash they feel so horrible and are in lots of pain. Boy could we tell!! What a grouch my poor baby was. But, by saturday he was back to his usual sweet self. He now army crawls all over the place. He just can't seem to get his bum up in the air and crawl for real!! While out on the trampoline last Sunday we noticed we have a pet living up in the tree. It's a raccoon. Then Aaron slept out there one hot night and noticed a big one and a baby one. We volunteered to go and help server food at youth conference (well someone called and asked us to) so we got a sitter on Saturday only to go and watch the kids serve themselves deli sandwichs. Aaron played a game of ultimate frisbee with some boys which was totally worth paying for a baby sitter, right? A long lost kid in the ward that used to come over a lot that has recently falled off the face of the earth came and visited us this weekend and spent the night on our trampoline the past two nights. Hopefully he'll keep coming by and we can talk him into being a good kid and shaping up so he can go and live at home again. Happy Anniversay Mike and Heidi!! Happy Birthday Dad!! Arwenisms: "Look mom. Noah has lots of teeth. But he doesn't have long hair. When he gets to be a girl, he's gonna have long hair." Arwen stuck a little olive wood baby Jesus we got in Israel in a play container of jam and started to shake it up. Then she said in a real mean voice, "Baby Jesus in trouble. He's getting a time out!!" We've been watching "Potty Power" all week and Arwen is pretty excited about not wearing diapers anymore. She does pretty good about telling me she has to go when she wants a treat or something. Aaron was talking baby talk to Arwen and she said, "What's that say mean?" Noahisms: Noah says "Yea!!!" and claps all the time now. He recently discovered his tongue and sticks it in and out really fast. He mostly just wants me to hold him now a days. When ever Aaron is holding him and sees me, he lunges for me and whines till I get him. Love, NASA