Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hi! We had a yucky week. Arwen had a break this week from swimming lessons which was good because Noah was really sick. He somehow got roseola where he had a 104 degree fever for four days and then broke out in this nasty rash all over his body. His doctor said that when the babies get the rash they feel so horrible and are in lots of pain. Boy could we tell!! What a grouch my poor baby was. But, by saturday he was back to his usual sweet self. He now army crawls all over the place. He just can't seem to get his bum up in the air and crawl for real!! While out on the trampoline last Sunday we noticed we have a pet living up in the tree. It's a raccoon. Then Aaron slept out there one hot night and noticed a big one and a baby one. We volunteered to go and help server food at youth conference (well someone called and asked us to) so we got a sitter on Saturday only to go and watch the kids serve themselves deli sandwichs. Aaron played a game of ultimate frisbee with some boys which was totally worth paying for a baby sitter, right? A long lost kid in the ward that used to come over a lot that has recently falled off the face of the earth came and visited us this weekend and spent the night on our trampoline the past two nights. Hopefully he'll keep coming by and we can talk him into being a good kid and shaping up so he can go and live at home again. Happy Anniversay Mike and Heidi!! Happy Birthday Dad!! Arwenisms: "Look mom. Noah has lots of teeth. But he doesn't have long hair. When he gets to be a girl, he's gonna have long hair." Arwen stuck a little olive wood baby Jesus we got in Israel in a play container of jam and started to shake it up. Then she said in a real mean voice, "Baby Jesus in trouble. He's getting a time out!!" We've been watching "Potty Power" all week and Arwen is pretty excited about not wearing diapers anymore. She does pretty good about telling me she has to go when she wants a treat or something. Aaron was talking baby talk to Arwen and she said, "What's that say mean?" Noahisms: Noah says "Yea!!!" and claps all the time now. He recently discovered his tongue and sticks it in and out really fast. He mostly just wants me to hold him now a days. When ever Aaron is holding him and sees me, he lunges for me and whines till I get him. Love, NASA

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