Monday, July 31, 2006

On Thursday night, we went to the local high school's track because they had a big family track and field night. Arwen did the soft ball throw and ran the 100 meter dash. When she got done with her race, she ran up to me and said, "I was losing the race and then the girl fell down and then I didn't lose!!" It was so cute. She was losing the race till a poor little girl tripped. Go Arwen!!
Later she asked me if she could go and play with a group of girls there. I said sure. She came back and was so sad. She told me the girls didn't want to play with her. I told Arwen they were beasties. She agreed with me and then turned to the girls and screamed, "BEASTIES!!!" at the top of her lungs. You should have seen the mean look on her face!
The kids found a scary monster in the yard. Here is what he looked like:
He had two heads. He didn't have arms, but he had two hands. He had no legs and no mouth, but he did have two headed chocolate teeth (??). He had no hair, but he did have two headed hairs. He didn't have eyes on his ears, but he did have eyes! He had a two headed tail. Arwen said, " He looked like scary, but he was too little to get them."

Noah has a few new favorite snacks. He loves to munch carrots. He also likes hard boiled eggs. One night Aaron was chopping an onion and Noah climbed on the counter and started nibbling it. Aaron tried to take it away, but Noah got so mad. It was his favorite snack!!
Sometimes I ask Noah what I am going to do with him and he says, "Circus!! Monkeys!!" He would love to live with the monkeys I guess.
All weekend he kept saying, "Puppies, svim." We saw dogs at the fair that jumped off the docks into water. He really liked that!
We went to our County Fair on Friday night. The kids had a great time looking at all the animals. A man in our ward, Brother Morin, raises beef cows. We saw him there and he let the kids brush his biggest cow, Bubba. Bubba weighed 3200 pounds. He was the biggest cow at the fair! Arwen and Noah thought he was the coolest!! They have been talking about him for days now!
On Saturday we went to the zoo (I took the kids on Friday too--but forgot the camera, so we went back!!). We rode the zoo train. Normally it takes you on a ten minute ride around the zoo, but in the summer months it leaves the zoo and you get to go on a 35 minute ride around Washington Park. Halfway through the ride, the train stops and you can get off and go and look at the rose gardens. There is also a fun kids playground. Noah is so scary. Soemtimes he'll just wander off without even looking back.
You have to watch him like a hawk. Arwen had fun at the park. She got to practice her moves on the monkey bars. I think she spent more time on the ground than on the bars, but she's what we might call a little klutzy!! We did this and then went and got back on the train. The kids love the train. Noah was a little weary on Friday when I took him, but he loved it by the end. He even tried to climb out once when I was trying to get Arwen on my lap next to Joshua.
When we got off we smelled the yummy waffle cone batter. We decided to get a waffle cone and stood in this long line, smelling the delicious smells and watching the guys make the cones for like 15 minutes. Then, when we were one away from ordering the guys sticks his head out the window and says, "I told you. We aren't making waffle cones anymore." Aaron said,"What do you mean you're not making cones anymore." The guy was like, "I've been telling everyone." I said, " Why don't you send someone out to the actual line.
No one out here even knows and we've been in line forever." He didn't quite get it. Arwen was pretty upset. Poor girl! We got her a cone at Dairy Queen on the way home. Poor Noah missed out because he was sleeping!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

This is what happened: The bean bag was in the kitchen and both kids ran towards it at the same time from opposite directions. I don't know how they collided--probably Arwen hit the top of Noah's head, but her poor lip and teeth look pretty painful! Her gums above two of her upper teeth are bruised. Don't worry--this hasn't affected her appetite at all!! Here's the day after shot.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You asked for it is. This is what happens after kids smash faces. We're just hoping her upper teeth won't fall out. The tooth fairy may get to make an early appearance.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ever since Arwen's friend Jake moved away, we've been trying to find her some new friends. We invited a little girl named Emma over this week to have a little tea party with Arwen. Me and Arwen spent the morning baking baby chocolate chip cookies and baby brownies.
Then her friend got here. It was really funny to see Noah around her. He kept trying to sit on her lap which is funny because he's almost as big as her. She didn't like it one bit. She kept kicking and shoving him away. Arwen got super protective and told her, "No. no. He's just little. We need to be nice to him." (How many times have I told her that!!) Then they went up to play while I made lunch. Noah wanted to go
and play too and Arwen said that was just fine. What a great big sissy she is! Their tea party was fun. I think Noah enjoys them more than anyone. He loves drinking out of baby cups!
Friday night the clouds rolled in and trapped in all the heat. When I got up to go to the Temple at 5 on Saturday morning, it was over 80 degrees and SOOO humid--like Israel humid. It was pretty fun. It kept sprinkling off and on all day and it just got more humid and hotter!! Crazy stuff. We were supposed to have a ward 24th of July party, but it got cancelled due to the heat. So we went into Portland to get the kids some new clothes and to play in the fountains. There was a little fair going on there and we got free snow cones and balloons. There was one of those cool guys that paint themselves silver and pretend to be statues. A dumb girl threw a soda all over him. We felt bad so we gave Arwen a dollar to give him. He pulled out 4 of those crystal balls and did
neat tricks like David Bowie does in "Labyrinth." It was really cool! Arwen kept saying, "Give me more paper to give him so he'll do more tricks."
That's all from Portland. Joshua has his 2 month appt this week so we'll get to see what a fattie he is (or isn't if he's like Noe!!)

Monday, July 17, 2006

We had a boring week, but crazy weekend. (I think I much prefered the boring week!!) Friday night, I cleaned out the van so Aaron could take the Scouts on a 20 mile hike in the Gorge Saturday. While I was doing this, Aaron took the kids for a walk. Noah tried to run away into the street, and Aaron grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back up. After Noah saying "owa" for the 100th time, and him not being able to move his arm, I finally took him to the ER. While in the waiting room, Noah was playing and it was funny, but sad to watch him. His poor little left arm just hung limply at his side and he kept falling down because he'd lose his balance. Anyways, we were in the exam room 2 minutes and the Dr came in and twisted his little arm and SNAP, it was all better! He had a dislocted elbow. It was neat to see the little boy prance out to the toy chest and pick a toy out and see his arm moving and acting normal again! Poor, brave Noah! We got home around 10 pm which is when I started to not feel quite right. By the middle of the night I had a fever of 102.3 and chills and my body felt like I was hit by a truck. I asked one of the husbands of the Relief Society presidency, (while he was dropping off his son), to have his wife to check up on Sarah, and get a baby sitter, and take her to the doctor if needed. He assured me that he would and I was able to have a worry free hike knowing that Sarah would be taken care of. It turns out that he never gave the message and Sarah was dying when I got home. ~aaronI had an infection that sometimes occurs during breast feeding when a milk duct gets clogged. Aaron left at 5 in the morning for his hike and I felt like I was going to die all day. He finally got home at around 7 pm and rushed me to urgent care. After being on antibiotics for a couple of days now, I feel lots better, still sore, but I'm not going to die anymore! I swear I have never been so sick in my entire life!!
Aaron had lots of fun on his hike. One of the boys gave up when they only had about 4 miles left, so they only made it 16.5 miles. Pretty good though. If anyone wants to go on one of the best hikes ever come on by one of these summers. The hike is beautiful; the trail is carved into the cliffs of the canyon and goes through a tunnel behind a waterfall. There are lots of swimming holes too. Its an amazing hike and only 12 miles or so to see all the best stuff. I’m going to try to find a weekend to get a sitter for the kids and take Sarah and Joshua. The other kids would fall off a cliff and die, it’s not a non-backpack-kid hike. ~aaron
Joshus is doing great. He smiles for me lots now. He's getting pretty chunky! It's great!!

(This is about the best!!) So, we sometimes say things that don't sound too bad until you hear them come out of the mouth of a 3 year old in public: We were at the store and Arwen wanted me to follow her so she yelled across the store, "Come on Helen Keller!!" I always call her Helen Keller when she can't find something or when she's not listening. Well, now she calls me Helen Keller all the time and it's so funny, but sooo bad because I sure got some dirty looks!!

Noah begs for oatmeal at every meal now a days.
Noah can now repeat every word we say so he says his own prayers and helps read scriptures. It's so cute! He loves to hold Joshua now and goes up to him all the time and just says things like, "Hi," or "Cute."

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

For only a dime a day, you could...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

We've had a really fun week.
I have finally gotten brave enough to bring all three of the rugrats out in public by myself. On a cold rainy day, we all went to the mall to play at their indoor play structure. You should have seen Arwen and Noah. They would climb up this mountain thing and do cartwheels and such off of it. All the other parents were gasping and rushing to save their lives. Arwen and Noah were fine of course. They were having a blast! Then on Friday, the bread company Franz (I think it's Portland based) did a big extravaganza in the Pioneer Courthouse Squarein the middle of Portland.
They wanted to get in the Guinness Book of World Records, so they built a single 100 foot hot dog with a bun. It was pretty cool. Then they gave away free hot dogs, soda, chips, and cookies to everyone. There were tons of people there and it was hard to manuver my double stroller amongst the crowd, but we managed to make our way through the line for free lunch. Noah was especially excited since hot dogs are his favorite food ever! After that we went and played in some of Portland's water fountains.
Today, we went to the Farmer's market for some raspberries and cherries. Yummy! Me and Aaron also had some really good peppered, jerkeyed salmon. Usually I don't like it, but today Aaron talked me into it, and it was really good.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Here are some fun pictures from this weekend!!

We had a really fun 4th of July weekend. Bill, Marsha, and Joshua drove up to be with us for Joshua's blessing on Sunday. That was really great! Then on Monday, we drove to the beach and hunted agates all afternoon. We all found some really great ones! Arwen was amazing. She'd be skipping along and find these beautiful, big agates. Way to go Arwen. Joshua was the winner though. He found the biggest one. It was a really fun day. Tuesday, we went to the gorge to play in the waterfalls. It was a nice way to cool off. Then we headed over to Vancouver, WA to watch the "biggest firework display west of the Mississippi." It was really fun. Arwen got her face painted and we all enjoyed some kettle korn, cotton candy, and an elephant ear. The fireworks were amazing, as usual! Overall, we had a really fun weekend!!

Arwenisms: Arwen enjoys jumping on and wrestling grandpa. He once told her that it was enough and she came to me and said, "Grandpa doesn't want me anymore." It was so sweet!!

Noahisms: Noah is frightened of LOTS of things. Whenever he sees or hears something that scares him, his eyes get big and he says, "Animal." It's so cute. The thunder is "Animal," as are trains and fireworks.

Joshyisms: He is getting fat!!