Saturday, July 08, 2006

We've had a really fun week.
I have finally gotten brave enough to bring all three of the rugrats out in public by myself. On a cold rainy day, we all went to the mall to play at their indoor play structure. You should have seen Arwen and Noah. They would climb up this mountain thing and do cartwheels and such off of it. All the other parents were gasping and rushing to save their lives. Arwen and Noah were fine of course. They were having a blast! Then on Friday, the bread company Franz (I think it's Portland based) did a big extravaganza in the Pioneer Courthouse Squarein the middle of Portland.
They wanted to get in the Guinness Book of World Records, so they built a single 100 foot hot dog with a bun. It was pretty cool. Then they gave away free hot dogs, soda, chips, and cookies to everyone. There were tons of people there and it was hard to manuver my double stroller amongst the crowd, but we managed to make our way through the line for free lunch. Noah was especially excited since hot dogs are his favorite food ever! After that we went and played in some of Portland's water fountains.
Today, we went to the Farmer's market for some raspberries and cherries. Yummy! Me and Aaron also had some really good peppered, jerkeyed salmon. Usually I don't like it, but today Aaron talked me into it, and it was really good.


Bethany said...

So much fun! I sure miss all the fountains to play in. Little Joshy sure looks like he belongs in your family. It will be fun for our 2 to be so close in age. Hopefully we'll see you before he gets to big.

Jen said...

Fun! Jake and Kristin beg me all day to see pictures of Noah and Arwen! Kristin still thinks you're in the hospital! Miss you guys! You're having too much fun without us! Congratulations on your first major outing! I know what a feat that is!

Anonymous said...

Oregon sounds like a blast. I love that picture of Arwen with the elephant trunk! Her hair so so pretty!