Monday, July 31, 2006

On Thursday night, we went to the local high school's track because they had a big family track and field night. Arwen did the soft ball throw and ran the 100 meter dash. When she got done with her race, she ran up to me and said, "I was losing the race and then the girl fell down and then I didn't lose!!" It was so cute. She was losing the race till a poor little girl tripped. Go Arwen!!
Later she asked me if she could go and play with a group of girls there. I said sure. She came back and was so sad. She told me the girls didn't want to play with her. I told Arwen they were beasties. She agreed with me and then turned to the girls and screamed, "BEASTIES!!!" at the top of her lungs. You should have seen the mean look on her face!
The kids found a scary monster in the yard. Here is what he looked like:
He had two heads. He didn't have arms, but he had two hands. He had no legs and no mouth, but he did have two headed chocolate teeth (??). He had no hair, but he did have two headed hairs. He didn't have eyes on his ears, but he did have eyes! He had a two headed tail. Arwen said, " He looked like scary, but he was too little to get them."

Noah has a few new favorite snacks. He loves to munch carrots. He also likes hard boiled eggs. One night Aaron was chopping an onion and Noah climbed on the counter and started nibbling it. Aaron tried to take it away, but Noah got so mad. It was his favorite snack!!
Sometimes I ask Noah what I am going to do with him and he says, "Circus!! Monkeys!!" He would love to live with the monkeys I guess.
All weekend he kept saying, "Puppies, svim." We saw dogs at the fair that jumped off the docks into water. He really liked that!


Mike said...

Well now if he has no friends you'll know that its not a personality defect but an onion smell causing the problem =)

heidi nielsen said...

Austin loved the pearl oninons on the shish kebobs last night but this morning he had the ronchiest diaper I couldn't even be in the same room as it and it made Michael's lungs burn...I don't think we'll ever let him eat onions again.