Monday, July 31, 2006

We went to our County Fair on Friday night. The kids had a great time looking at all the animals. A man in our ward, Brother Morin, raises beef cows. We saw him there and he let the kids brush his biggest cow, Bubba. Bubba weighed 3200 pounds. He was the biggest cow at the fair! Arwen and Noah thought he was the coolest!! They have been talking about him for days now!
On Saturday we went to the zoo (I took the kids on Friday too--but forgot the camera, so we went back!!). We rode the zoo train. Normally it takes you on a ten minute ride around the zoo, but in the summer months it leaves the zoo and you get to go on a 35 minute ride around Washington Park. Halfway through the ride, the train stops and you can get off and go and look at the rose gardens. There is also a fun kids playground. Noah is so scary. Soemtimes he'll just wander off without even looking back.
You have to watch him like a hawk. Arwen had fun at the park. She got to practice her moves on the monkey bars. I think she spent more time on the ground than on the bars, but she's what we might call a little klutzy!! We did this and then went and got back on the train. The kids love the train. Noah was a little weary on Friday when I took him, but he loved it by the end. He even tried to climb out once when I was trying to get Arwen on my lap next to Joshua.
When we got off we smelled the yummy waffle cone batter. We decided to get a waffle cone and stood in this long line, smelling the delicious smells and watching the guys make the cones for like 15 minutes. Then, when we were one away from ordering the guys sticks his head out the window and says, "I told you. We aren't making waffle cones anymore." Aaron said,"What do you mean you're not making cones anymore." The guy was like, "I've been telling everyone." I said, " Why don't you send someone out to the actual line.
No one out here even knows and we've been in line forever." He didn't quite get it. Arwen was pretty upset. Poor girl! We got her a cone at Dairy Queen on the way home. Poor Noah missed out because he was sleeping!


Jen said...

Way to go Arwen for outrunning the poor girl who tripped! (Although I am VERY surprised it wasn't she who tripped! :)) I know my Arwen! Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I never knew that about the zoo train in the summer...too little too late, I guess!

heidi nielsen said...

It looks like Arwens lip is doing better

Anonymous said...

Madelyn LOVES onions "spicys" too. How funny.

Anonymous said...

I love when you put arwen's hair up in those buns. I'm so going to do that on my little girls someday!