Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Joshua! He is officially a big boy now! Right now, as I type, he is crawling, yes crawling around the kitchen. Well, I guess I wouldn't call it a crawl so much as an army crawl, but he can finally get to where he wants to go! Yea Josh!!
He had a fun time opening all of the presents from Grandma Carrot and Grandpa Dana! His favorite is this big plastic bug that sings songs and flashes colors! The other two kids like it too!
Arwen and I made him a puppy dog cake since the kids like to call him "Dogga." It turned out interesting! It was yummy though. Josh dug right in!
Joshua liked it so much he tried to eat his plate! What a cute big boy we have!!
We had a great Memorial Day! We went to Washington Park and first stopped at a really great playground. The kids had a blast. Everyone had fun pushing Joshua on the swing. After the park we hiked around for a while looking for the rose gardens. The roses have just bloomed here and they are so beautiful. The kids had fun smelling them!
On the way to ride the zoo train, Noah found a little friend. This crazy squirrel ate right out of Noah's hand. Hopefully the squirrels here don't have the bubonic plague like they do in Denver!
The kiddies enjoyed a ride around Washington Park and through the zoo! By the time we hiked back to the van, all three kids were about dead and all fell asleep seconds after we put them in their car seats! We then swung by some friends' house and had a really yummy barbecue.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Noahism: We were watching movies today since the kids are home sick from church and at the beginning of one, it showed a compass and the ocean. Arwen got excited and said she wanted to swim in the sea. Noah said, "No! That is not cool. That be scary. If I go in the sea, I will be like Grandma Play-dough." Well, my great grandma Plato recently passed away and Noah always talks about how when he dies he will get to see her. I guess he doesn't want to "get to grandma Play-Dough" by drowning! Ever since Uncle Michael pulled the little boy out of Grandma's pool when he fell in, he has been pretty scared of the water. I'm not quite sure how swim lessons will go this summer!
Arwenism: I just need to brag about my little girl. She has been taking ballet lessons this year and really likes it! She's about to perform in her recital in about a month. She gets to wear a bright blue costume and dance to, "C is for Cookie," by Cookie Monster. She's the cutest little thing in her class. She's the youngest and the shortest! We had to go to a rehearsal yesterday and Arwen got to see the big girls dance on their pointe shoes. She thought that was the neatest thing ever. She had every one cracking up...when she first saw them dancing, she yelled, "Mom! Come and look at this! It's amazing." What a silly! Anyways, on her report card this year, it told a few things Arwen does really well and then told the class her teacher recommends for next term. Arwen's teacher thought she was ready for the 6-8 year old class. I asked her teacher about it and she couldn't believe that Arwen was only 4 because she listens so well. Yea!! What a neat thing to hear that you kid is a good listener! Well, Arwen, we sure do LOVE you lots and are thankful you are such a good girl!
The kids have been sick all week, and unfortunately were coughing too much and too snotty to take to church this week. That's the worst! Anyways, while Arwen and Noah were sleeping, little Joshua was busy being a computer hacker. You can tell he's having a blast...just look at the tongue! This silly little guy is so close to crawling. He can finally get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth. He loves to yell, "More!" at every meal. It sounds more like, "maaa," but he's definitely asking for more. He can say cookie and bottle now too. What a silly little thing.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Grandma Carrot sent the kids a Slip 'N Slide, and boy, was it a hit! They had so much fun on it yesterday. Arwen is such a dare devil. Little Noah would walk slowly down the slide and then kind of squat in the little pool. What a silly! Joshua had fun wiggling his little toes in the cold water. Too bad it's supposed to get cooler for the next little while!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day! I had a great day here!! It started on Saturday when Aaron and I made Chocolate Mousse Cakes. While we were building them, Noah fell asleep, standing up! It was so funny. His little thumb fell out of his mouth. After a while and I couldn't resist stuffing a little mousse in there for him to enjoy! He didn't even notice. What a goofball!
Aaron let me sleep in and he gave the kids breakfast and a bath. Yea!! That was so nice! Thanks Aaron. Arwen sang to me with all of the primary kids in Sacrament meeting. She was such a princess. She sure is a cute, sweet, little girl. (Check out my neclace...Aaron and the kids made it for me for Mother's Day. It is so pretty!)
We came home and Aaron barbecued chicken and onions for dinner. It was delicious! Even Noah ate everything on his plate...which is HUGE!! Later on, we enjoyed our yummy mousse cakes. Noah turns any type of dessert into a "Happy Birthday" and runs to where we keep the candles and gets himself one and asks for fire! What a cutie!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy Anniversary!! Aaron and I celebrated our 6th anniversary this weekend. We had a really fun time! The actual day was on Friday, but Fridays are crazy for us because Arwen has her ballet lessons in the evening time. So we made reservations to go out on the town on Saturday night. We originally wanted to go to The Melting Pot, but I slacked and made reservations too late and they didn't have any tables open. Oh well...we went to The Portland City Grill instead. I had never heard of it, but it was a really great place. It was on the 30th floor of Portland's biggest (and only) skyscraper! It had an awesome view and really good food. Not only was everyone out celebrating Cinco De Mayo, but there must have been a prom that night as well. After dinner, we went and did some shopping. We found Aaron a nice sweatshirt and a really fun new shirt. I got myself a new hat. It was really a great night!!
6 years later, and 3 kids added and we're still going strong! Like Arwen says, "6 years isn't a very long time," but it's been amazing and we're excited for the next 60 years! I love you Aaron and Happy Anniversary! You are an amazing, wonderful, sweet, person to be married to! Thanks!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Arwenism: Arwen had some wise words of advise for us all. Over dinner tonight, she told me that you should never go to the Doctor if your Doctor is a "boy/girl." I asked her what a "boy/girl" was exactly. She said, "It's one of those people who has on boy clothes on one side and girl clothes on the other.--you know, a boy/girl." I asked her if she has ever seen a "boy/girl." First she told me no, then she said she saw it on the movie, "The Series of Unfortunate Events." I asked her why we can't go to "boy/girls" who are Doctors and she looked appalled and said, "Because you might turn into one!"