Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Day of School


Arco Iris - Spanish Immersion School

Dad:      Tell me about school.
Arwen:  Uhhh? It's Spanish.
Dad:      Anything else?
Arwen:  We do very hard math.   And we do recesses once or twice a day.  And! NO! NO!  (Laughing).  
Dad:      Anything else? Do you have any friends?
Arwen:   My friends are Sajl and Cruz. 

Dad:      Tell me about school.
Noah:    Do you mean on Friday?
Dad:      Sure.
Noah:    It was great on Friday because I painted a picture of Egypt.
Dad:      Anything else?  Do you have any friends?
Noah:    One, Lilly.  She's one of my friends.
Dad:      If she's one of your friends who are the others?
Noah:    Even, and Kendall...that's all.  
Dad:      How about your school work, how is it?
Noah:    Good.  I do for my school work stuff like doing the...learning the vowels in Spanish the first one's 'A' the second one is 'E' then 'I,O,U'.  We also do for school work, we cut out little stuff and put it in our books and write the letter of what it starts with.  And we write a little story that my teacher writes down on the board.
Dad:      What's your favorite part about school?
Noah:    Math and Art.

Butternut Creek Elementary School

We have to draw letters, and circle the letters, and first we write our name.  Then we circle a letter if it's an "A" or if it's a lower case "a" we put in another box.   It's kinda hard for me to do crisscross apple sauce.  I have a blue folder and I go to gym at first and we go in a line so we don't loose anybody.   And we draw pictures of people and we're star students...but it's not my turn yet.  Soon I'm going to be one.  My friends are Ashley and Frankie.  I love School.  
~ Love, Joshua.  



Larkin: My ballet school was about talking and being a doll and dancing like a doll.   Any my teacher said when people come out we go back in our box.  
Dad: How do you like it?
Larking: Meghan was biting the other girl and the other girl and me when the ballet again and pulled my hair.  
Dad: Anything else?
Larkin: And we dance, and have a nice day, and mom picked us up, and the teacher gives us water, and Maren's mom she picked us up and we comed home, and that... and we comed home.. and we uh... drink.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Soccer season has begun, three kids, one car, and so much fun!  
Here are some pictures from some of their first games.




Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Rock

If you say "that doesn't look all that heavy".
Then let's pretend that most of it's buried under ground.

Noah and Joshua had fun trying to make themselves invisible.  They are pretty proud of their first attempt.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Hot Springs - Bubbles

 We went swimming at the hot springs on Memorial Day.  It was fun.  We've been there perhaps once a year because we're camping down there or just because for the last three years or so.  Three years ago when I was looking for a geocache I found a huge rock with a hole in it by the river.  I tried to bring it home to landscape with it but could not lift it.  Last year I did quite a bit of exercising and still hand no luck.  This year out of pure stubbornness I muscled that thing up the bank and hoisted it into the van.  It's now in our front yard.  And I'm still sore.

Smile Lulu...or just do what ever that is, it's cute too.

Noah brought the bubbles and had a blast.
 Got him to share with Arwen.
Nice goatee of foamy bubble blowing spit Noah. 

 If Larking didn't have a rock in her hand she had one in her mouth.

Noah got tired of running around trying to catch bubbles in his mouth and just had Joshua blow them straight in.  It didn't take him all that long to figure out that bubbles look better than they taste. 

 What a good little guy Joshua is.

 Nice bubble Noah.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Out on the Lake

 Out on the Lake

Peter and Pricilla invited us out to the lake on Saturday.  It was a great alternative to painting the tree house on a 90 degree day.  We had lots of fun and got lots of sun.
Sarah out on a paddleboard. 

Arwen was pretty good at getting around too.  

Noah and Dallin had a blast swimming around on a foam surf board too.  It was two weeks or so ago that Arwen stepped on a bee and got stung and let out a scream of death that lasted forever.  We were sure no one could let out a longer or louder scream than Arwen did...well Noah can.  He got stung on the toe whilst out on the lake and is alarm was heard far and wide.  Poor little guy was scared to death that he was going to have an allergic reaction and die.  I guess we mentioned at some point that it's the second time you are stung that you have to be careful in case you have an allergic reaction.   This was his second time.

 Sarah and Arwen out on the tube.  Way to be brave Sarah.  Arwen said she wanted to push Sarah off but restrained herself.

The lake was choppy but Joshua talked me into getting out on some skies anyway.  I used to ski (wakeboard/kneeboard) any chance I got when I was a kid.  Which was quite a bit on the bishops or other members boats.  I'm well out of practice now though.

 Are they having fun?  They sure are holding on for dear life.

 There, that's almost a smile on Joshua's face.  They did have lots of fun.

Arwen thought they all looked like super heroes in this one on some important mission.