Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last week for Family Home Evening, we decorated out haunted gingerbread house. It was lots of fun. The kids ate more of the candies than they decorated with, but had a great time! (All I can say is black food coloring is just sick and wrong!!)

We carved our pumpkins last night for Family Home Evening! It was a lot of fun. The kids' baby pumpkins turned out great...somehow we don't have any pictures of them...maybe today!
Here's my "Jack Skeleton" pumpkin. Aaron was experimenting with the camera and told the kids that they could not move...hence Noe looked crazy in all the pictures!

Josh did a great job of sitting there looking bored!!
Happy Halloween! We enjoyed yummy brownies and peppermint ice cream after wards! Such a great night!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

We had a fabulous day yesterday!! After finally deciding on a company to side out house (about time!!), and attending a friends' court of honor we went to a pumpkin patch. This is one of my most favorite things that we do in the fall time! The kids were excited all day to pick out their pumpkins.

Larkin and Daddy all excited for all of the festivities that the pumpkin patch had!
Arwen and Joshua spied the giant mounds of hay bales to climb on.
Here's Arwen taking a leap off the top of the hay mound! It was really high up there...this girl has no fear (or no brains!!)!
We like the pumpkin patch on Sauvie Island because they have a fun tractor ride out to their huge fields of pumpkins!
It was Arwen's mission to find the biggest pumpkin in the universe...and watch Daddy carry it and a child or two back to the car!
I love this picture of Noah. Aaron totally captured the real Noah. He is so expressive and full of passion about EVERYTHING! He has the greatest facial expressions.
We let Larkin get down and explore...she only ate one clump of dirt that I saw!
Here are the two pumpkins we decided on this year. This morning, when we got up, we noticed that one of our pumpkins had a huge crack in the side and was oozing pumpkin juices all over the counter...did we buy an already mangled pumpkin...or did a naughty troll do something to it when me and Aaron weren't looking. I'll let you be the judge of that...I have my suspicions!!

I don't know...the pumpkins look alright in this picture...not mutilated yet!
We stopped at the cute little farm store and bought baby pumpkins for the kids to carve. Thanks family, for such a fun day! We are so excited to carve our pumpkins tomorrow for Family Home Evening...or as Noah calls it, "Hamily Fome Evening!"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Saturday, when I cute Noah's hair, he had a huge tantrum and made it super hard. I had to stop halfway through, to let him calm down, and let myself calm down too!! When we got started again, I told Noah that he would get a treat if he held still for me. He did great, and got a treat. Well...I ran upstairs just now to put some books away and walked in on Noah cutting his own hair with a pair of the kids' scissors. I took the scissors away and he told me I was the meanest mom ever. (He's probably right!!) Then he came downstairs all happy like and said, " I guess I get a treat now. I was good for my haircut!"

Monday, October 20, 2008

Larkin is out of control!! She is too squirmy!
What happens when mom and dad fall asleep on the couch after church and AFTER Noah dumps a bag of flour on the kitchen floor?

Noah decides to have a "naked party!!" Thanks Arwen, for documenting his badness!

Happy Sunday! The kids smuggled the camera to church...so we snapped a quick family photo, minus Aaron.
So cute!I absolutely love taking pictures off the camera every couple of weeks and finding all of the random photos that the kids have taken. It really is so much fun to see how creative they are. Anyways, I loved this pouty one of Arwen.
And this silly one! What a goofball!
You know your boys need haircuts when...
yeah....that's all I'm gonna say.

Ahhh...don't they look so sweet! You should be so impressed....that Noah doesn't look like he has the dumb and dumber haircut! It's hard to cut his hair!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I told Josh he was my beautiful baby boy. Then he told me, "Mom you're beautiful, but not your hair like that." I had it in a pony tail and took it down and he said, "Yes. Now you are beautiful."
When Arwen does something good at school...like turn her homework in on time, she gets a "wow" award. Basically when they get a "wow" award, they get to choose a little thing out of a box, I think. Arwen usually comes home with a pencil, but yesterday she had a sticker. She explained that the pencils were all gone, so she got a sticker instead. I asked her what else was in the box and she said, "Ummm, you know...those things...like a pencil holder thing....oh...you know, the thing that goes on the bum bum of a pencil...the thing that does the shaving." "Oh, I said, you mean an eraser." "Yes, an eraser."