Friday, August 26, 2011

Monkey Bar

Joshua is a monkey bar expert now.

Congratulations Joshua.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day at the Beach

Day at the Beach

Noah and Lulu had a blast trying to get the kite to fly. 

The wind was fickle and I'm sure Sarah and I entertained a lot of people on the beach trying to get the kites to fly. 

 Noah and Lulu had more fun just running around with a short bit of line than they would have if we'd got them to stay up anyway.

Noah did pretty good not garroting beach goers with the kite line.

The kids spent most of their time fighting the tide.  Here's Arwen carrying a huge rock to fortify the castle wall.

Joshua was transfixed by the waves, and cold.  So he spent much of his time wrapped up in his towel.

Noah dancing a jig.

A Larkin look.

Viewpoint on the way home.  Also we noticed the sign was down for the largest sitka spruce in the pacific north west.  When we checked the park sure enough the largest sitka spruce was now a large stump.  That's kinda sad. 

We stopped off at Camp18 for dinner and had fun looking at all the old logging tools. The food is only ever okay there.  The kids were in "need" of a treat so we ordered a bread pudding and a brownie with fudge and whipped cream.  It was huge and was easily shared around the table.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Face Paint Line

 Long Long Line

We went to some kids concert on Saturday and waited in line for face painting.  The kids got bored of the face painting line and would leave to stand in other lines then come back, or go and dance in front of the stage trying to get shirts or balls or whatever they'd throw out.  None of them got anything, Joshua took it pretty hard every time.  One of the excursions from the "line" was to another line to have their caricatures done.  Arwen and Noah went first.  Noah was hilarious trying really hard to show off his Sponge Bob teeth.  Then Joshua, Sarah, and Larkin got theirs done.  I had to grab a few pieces here and there and do a little Photoshop fiddling to add me in for a family caricature.

Probably 15min from being next in the hours long line we gave up and left.  The kids just couldn't handle any more.  Sarah promised to paint their faces at home.  That worked.
 You want me to paint a mole Larkin? 
Yeah, I want a mole!

Joshua's rainbow. 

Arwen's butterfly. 

Noah of course is a zombie.

Grandma, you can see my "rafters" in this picture of Lulu jumping on the trampoline. 

What a little princess.