Monday, October 30, 2006

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Happy 2nd Birthday Noah!!
Noah had a great 2nd birthday! Thank you Grandma Carrot and Grandpa Dana for all the cool Buzz Lightyear stuff! Noah loves it all! It was pure torture waiting for his party tonight. He kept saying, "Birthday..." all day. He died when I made his cake and he couldn't have a piece. Poor, deprived little boy. Me and Arwen decorated the kitchen while he took a nap. She put the helium balloons on all the chairs. We had Elmo plates and cups for the party. After we had cake and opened presents, the kids had fun with their cap guns that shot confetti into the air. They were bummed when we couldn't "fix them" to make them do it again. They are thoroughly wired from all the sugar from the candy they've eaten all night! Woo Hoo! You should check out the Buzz Lightyear space car Noe got from Grandma and Grandpa. It's pretty awesome. Noah will have tons of fun! Joshua rolled over for the first time today--in honor of Noah. Yea Josh!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

We had a super busy, but fun Saturday. First off, Aaron went to the Temple on a youth trip. Then me and the kids met him there and we switched off and I did a session with my friend Pricilla. That was so nice! Then when I got home, me and Arwen got fancied up...well not too fancy, but we were twins. We both put on our blue jeans, gray sweatshirts, fixed our hair the same, and put on our boots. We went to the mall for a date. First, we went ice skating. We made it around the rink twice before Arwen was so starving! Of course, you can't come back in once you leave. Oh well, that's OK, I was sore and tired anyways. She did really well though. We didn't fall down once. We were very slow...and all the kids bigger than her that could not let go of the wall too were frustrated with us because we were like turtles! After that we went and got a jamba juice and some yummy cookies to share. We stopped off at a fun little shop that sells super cheap jewelry and Arwen picked out a beautiful heart necklace. We came home and we each carved a baby pumpkin. Aaron and Noah had carved the big one and had the seeds roasting in the oven. This is Arwen's. Pretty cute huh? She did it herself! We went to Costco in the evening for a big Intel event there. Then we came home and watched Harry Potter on TV. What a super date Arwen and I had! Here's old school Noah cowboy!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

We went to a Halloween party at Aaron's work tonight. It was super crowded, but really fun. Little Noe was scared to death of the haunted house. Aaron brought him to me after he went through and Noah was crying. He held on to me and kept saying, ", mama." It figures that he's my Halloween baby. They had these little bubble gum coins they were giving to all the kids. Arwen scavengered around on the floor collecting millions of them!
Noah found Arwen's cowboy hat this week and struts around the house saying, "Mom...Cowboy!" What a silly little guy!
I was looking through some old photos and found this one of Arwen when we were in Israel. It is just about my favorite picture ever of her. She just looks so sweet and innocent...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I am sick to death of Noah pulling his band aid off his thumb and then begging for a new one. He's done it 4 times already today. Here's what it looks like now a days...lots better! It has healed really nicely.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Man, I wish I had an exciting post this week, but sadly, I don't! Aaron had a fun weekend though. He took the Deacon's camping and then on a long bike ride the next day. I got jealous hearing about all the yummy food they had. Me and the kids had ramen and the like. Friday night, our ward had an Elder's Quorum pine wood derby. Aaron was bummed to miss it, but I took the 3 kids. They had a fun time running around. Noah was in Heaven. The desserts were on the edge of the table and he helped himself to a lot! It was hysterical to watch all the dads get competitive about their cars. It was also great watching all the men yell at all the kids over and over to get off the track. One little girl sat on it as some of the cars were going down and boy, did one guy yell!! Saturday the kids got me up at the bright (well actually dark) hour of 6 am. We were bored by 8 am so I took them to the Farmer's Market. We bought some of the yummy jerkeyed salmon then went and played at the park next door. You should have seen the looks on all the parents faces to see my kids running to me and begging for more, "fishy." After that we got some kettle korn and headed home. We spent a cold day indoors watching movies and lounging. We were glad to see Aaron home. Aaron is at "The Messiah" choir practice right now. Lucky!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I LOVE this picture of Noah...I think because it reminds me of one that I LOVE of Aaron. Aaron was in the 8th grade in this picture, but I think the two of them look so similar. I just smile when I see both of these!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Okay, so you probably can't tell from this picture, but Joshua is scared to death of Noah. Josh will smile and giggle for Noah when he's a few feet back, but if Noah gets close to Josh, he does his little newborn cry--you know, the one that sounds like he's being tortured to death. I have Joshua sitting right by me in his bouncer chair and Noah just came up to him. I didn't even say anything to him and Noah looked at me and said, " Okay...I won't." Then he proceeded to try and step on Joshua's arm. He's such a naughty little kid. What's the worst is that all he has to do is flash that million tooth smile of his and he gets away with murder. That, and when he asks for something now he doesn't just say please, he says, "Pretty please." How the heck can you say no to "sweet and innocent" little Noah. What do I do with this naughtiness???

Monday, October 09, 2006

We've been so busy lately it seems! I was in charge of a funeral last Thursday and was on the phone ALL last week trying to get ready for that! I think things turned out well though. Noah gets to go over to his buddy Evan's house every Friday to play while I take Ar to ballet. He loves it there. Then Evan came over to our house for a while. The boys had fun watching Blues Clues! We had a fun day Saturday. We started out the day with pumpkin waffles and bacon. The kids love that breakfast! They will both eat 2 big waffles and there is never enough bacon if you ask Arwen!! Aaron took the kids to the park in the morning for a walk. Noah got so worn out he laid down on the trail with his blankie and had a little nap. Arwen even joined him! Then Aaron took them to the park. I got to stay home and clean the house. I finally got all my loads of laundry put away. When Aaron got back with the kids, he and Arwen went out to our apple tree and picked a bunch of apples and made applesauce. It was so yummy! Josh has enjoyed his share of it! He's like a free man now and expects a "taste" of everything that I am eating! While they were building that me and Noah went on a date. We went to a couple of craft stores to pick some things up. I bought him a lollypop at one and he was so excited. He made me buy one for Arwen too. In the car he just kept saying, "Lucky!!" over and over. How sweet!! I barbequed steaks that night and we had twice baked potatoes and corn with them. Our friends the Dickenson's came over to enjoy it with us. We had lava cakes for dessert--of course!! Then Peter showed Aaron some tricks on the guitar that made Aaron excited about learning it again. It was a nice evening!!
Sunday was a great day too. Church was great. Our nursery leader loves Noah to pieces and I think he got lots of extra attention because of his little mangled thumb. We always take naps in the afternoon since we have early church. Noah and I always take one together. It's my favorite thing ever. He's the cuddliest kid ever!! After we all got up Aaron made us hot chocolate and we all played! What a nice day!
We go and get Noah's stitches out this Tuesday. Wish us luck!! Noah is not a fan of Doctors anymore. Poor kid.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Noah had his appointment with the plastic surgeon yesterday. He was scared to death. He didn't want anyone to go near his thumb. We had to soak his bandage in water for 10 minutes to finally get it off. It looked so gross when it finally came off. The Doctor said everything looked great (yeah sure, just wonderful!!) and he doesn't think there is any damage to the nail bed so the nail will grow back. He said he didn't know if the nail would look normal, but at least there will be a nail. The nurse bandaged it up with an orange gauze wrap and Noah was pretty pleased with that. He kept saying, "orange" the whole way home. He has already lost his bandaid three times now. We are going to have to come up with a better system of wrapping it. He gets so upset when it falls off and makes me kiss his thumb and then "fix it." We go back next week to get all the stitches taken out. Poor Noah.
Joshua had his 4 month appointment today. He's doing just great. He's skinny and tall. He did pretty good with his shots. Noah was excited because his Josha had bandaids too. He has pointed this out to me like a million times! He sure loves his baby!