Monday, April 24, 2006

It has finally been warm here. Yea!! We set the trampoline up this weekend and Noah is already a pro at getting flopped around when Arwen jumps. No one has fallen off yet! They did whack faces yesterday and Arwen ended up with a bloody lip--now it just matches Noah. He has a blood blister on his top lip from falling on his face and a cut lip on the bottom from being a crazy monkey on the swing set.
I had recipe club this week. Heidi, I made the Spinach Poppy Seed salad we made when you were here. It was hit. All the ladies liked it the best!
Saturday we decided to go South. We went to the Temple first to see all the flowers. It was really pretty. The kids just wanted to play in the water though. Then we continued South to hit the Tulip Festival. The traffic was pretty bad, and then after stopping at the McDonalds play place, it was a little too chilly to go. We just went to the outlet stores because they have this awesome tree house that the kids like to play in. They must have had fun, because they slept all the way home. We also had really yummy ice cream cones there. It was a fun day!
Sunday morning, Aaron and the kids made cookies, then we all played on the trampoline in the nice warm sunshine. Church was nice. Noah was a wild man in Relief Society. It must be because we spiked his hair. I don't know, but he was out of control. He kept throwing all his toys and cheerios and screaming and laughing at himself. What a cutie! Then that night we went to a big Ward Choir practice. Our ward gets to sing at the dedication of our new Stake Center next Sunday. It should be great!
Happy Birthday Kelly! We hope you have a great day!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter!! We had a nice day. We had a yummy ham dinner before church since our church is kind of late and when we eat dinner after, it's always at the kids' bedtime! The kids had fun hunting for Easter eggs in the morning and playing with their new little toys. Our choir did a really nice job with the Easter program. Aaron was in it--I stayed out this time to watch the naughty kids. After church we came home and made lava cakes. I think the last time I made them was when Matthew and Bethany were living up here. We wish they were here yesterday to share them!
Arwen gave her very first talk in Primary yesterday. She did so well. You could understand every word she said. It was really fun. Then, when we got home from church and we were eating dessert she looked really serious and started telling us about this movie they watched in sharing time. Her eyes got real big and she said, "Did you know Jesus died? The bad men hurt his body and back and tied him up and killed him. Then the people cried." It was so sweet that she was so concerned and really neat that we could talk with her about the Atonement. She wants me to call the Primary President so we can borrow the movie so she can watch it again. What a neat thing!
Noah is talking like crazy just in this last week. He brings me books and toys and says, "Open it." We finally fixed our doorbell that has been broken for 2 years and now he walks around pushing things and saying, "ding dong." When ever we tell him it's time to say the prayer, he folds his little hands and then will say amen at the end. What a silly. He's as crazy as ever though. When he and Arwen were supposed to be in bed, he climbed into Arwen's and then dived out and hit his nose on the book shelf. He gave himself quite the bloody nose--the second one this month! He's going through another stubborn phase and won't eat (well, unless it's dessert or ketchup!) It is driving me crazy.
That's all from us. Congratulations Matthew and Bethany! We can't wait to meet Dallin!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Arwen has said some really cute things lately. She has this theory that she has tried to convince me of a few times now. We were shopping for new clothes the other day and she found some care bear panties that she REALLY wanted. I told her that she really didn't need them--that she already has three pairs. So, she tried her theory out on me. She said, "Just give Noah peanuts, he will turn to a girl, then he can wear them when he is big." For some reason, she thinks if we give Noah peanuts (remember he is allergic to them) he will turn into a girl. Nice try Arwen. Then a while later she found some "best friend" watches. It was a pack with two care bear watches--one for you, one for your best friend. She told me that she really needed them. People were walking by and thought it was so funny and cute. I kept telling her that she really didn't need them and that she needed to put them back. Then she said," Well, if I don't get them, then who will? I really need them. If they are not mine, who will get them?" It was really cute, and it broke my heart to tell her no, but what does a 3 year old need with two piece of junk watches?? After she put them back, she walked back to me so slowly with her head hung low, looking so dejected.

Noah really loves to go outside. He says, "Side," and stands at the back window. He also says, "Play," a lot. He says it really cutely. We have a hokey pokey Elmo doll that he loves to death. When he is upset, I ask him what he needs and he perks right up and says, "Elmo." Too bad Elmo is so loud and obnoxious!! He is doing such a good job sleeping in his big boy bed and taking naps there too! Our sweet little boy only has three more weeks until he gets to go to nursery! Yea!!

I had a stake Relief Society luncheon yesterday where Janis Kapp Perry and her husband spoke. It was so good and so fun. Then Aaron had choir practice in the afternoon. Before he left though, we made shortbread cookies and dipped them in chocolate. So yummy!


Thursday, April 06, 2006

We have had lots of fun since we have been home from our great trip down to CA!! The weather has finally been warm and dry enough that we have been able to play outside occasionally. Noah has learned how to climb the stairs at the park and go down the slide by himself. He loves it. Arwen makes a new little girlfriend everywhere we go and is sad to leave. She makes up fun little games with them. On Saturday, during conference, we made homemade toasted almond icecream, jersey topping, and carmel sauce. It was so yummy! Then on Monday me and Arwen made an angel food cake and we had strawberries, whipped cream, and cake for FHE. On Monday, we went to the zoo. Noah had lots of fun growling out the word, "Animal," at all the animals he saw. We all had fun riding the zoo train. Arwen really wanted to see the lions, but we never actually made it there. They both had lots of fun watching the sea lions swimming. We could watch them from below. They kept swimming in circles so we saw lots of them. Today, we went to the Children's Museum. It was pretty fun--tricky with two little kids wanting to run in opposite directions all the time! I think their favorite room was the water room. Noah managed to get soaked despite the fact that he was wearing the little rain smock. I think he had the most fun licking the tubs that the water was in. They also had fun in the Sesame Street room. Noah kept yelling, "Elmo," over and over. They both had so much fun they immediatley fell asleep in the car on the way home! Tonight we are going to play ultimate frisbee with some friends (well, I'm sure that means Aaron will play and I will run and yell and try to keep the kids from disrupting the game!).

Whenever anyone asks Arwen her name, she tells them her FULL name. But once at the park she said, "My name is Arwen...or Sissy. Yeah, you can call me Arwen or Sissy."

Noah is now officially a big boy. He has his very own big boy bed in Arwen's room. He loves to play on his "jungle" bed. He has succesfully slept in there every night this week with Arwen. Yea!!
Happy Birthday Matthew (a little late!). We hope you had a great day!!