Thursday, April 06, 2006

We have had lots of fun since we have been home from our great trip down to CA!! The weather has finally been warm and dry enough that we have been able to play outside occasionally. Noah has learned how to climb the stairs at the park and go down the slide by himself. He loves it. Arwen makes a new little girlfriend everywhere we go and is sad to leave. She makes up fun little games with them. On Saturday, during conference, we made homemade toasted almond icecream, jersey topping, and carmel sauce. It was so yummy! Then on Monday me and Arwen made an angel food cake and we had strawberries, whipped cream, and cake for FHE. On Monday, we went to the zoo. Noah had lots of fun growling out the word, "Animal," at all the animals he saw. We all had fun riding the zoo train. Arwen really wanted to see the lions, but we never actually made it there. They both had lots of fun watching the sea lions swimming. We could watch them from below. They kept swimming in circles so we saw lots of them. Today, we went to the Children's Museum. It was pretty fun--tricky with two little kids wanting to run in opposite directions all the time! I think their favorite room was the water room. Noah managed to get soaked despite the fact that he was wearing the little rain smock. I think he had the most fun licking the tubs that the water was in. They also had fun in the Sesame Street room. Noah kept yelling, "Elmo," over and over. They both had so much fun they immediatley fell asleep in the car on the way home! Tonight we are going to play ultimate frisbee with some friends (well, I'm sure that means Aaron will play and I will run and yell and try to keep the kids from disrupting the game!).

Whenever anyone asks Arwen her name, she tells them her FULL name. But once at the park she said, "My name is Arwen...or Sissy. Yeah, you can call me Arwen or Sissy."

Noah is now officially a big boy. He has his very own big boy bed in Arwen's room. He loves to play on his "jungle" bed. He has succesfully slept in there every night this week with Arwen. Yea!!
Happy Birthday Matthew (a little late!). We hope you had a great day!!


Anonymous said...

Man, how come no one ever comments on your blog?? It must be pretty boring or something.

Mike said...

Wow, it's like looking at a little version of Sarah

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how grown up Arwen is. I haven't seen her in so long, and now she's a full fledge person. Wow, it amazes me how fast kiddies grow up, she's adorable Sarah!