Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter!! We had a nice day. We had a yummy ham dinner before church since our church is kind of late and when we eat dinner after, it's always at the kids' bedtime! The kids had fun hunting for Easter eggs in the morning and playing with their new little toys. Our choir did a really nice job with the Easter program. Aaron was in it--I stayed out this time to watch the naughty kids. After church we came home and made lava cakes. I think the last time I made them was when Matthew and Bethany were living up here. We wish they were here yesterday to share them!
Arwen gave her very first talk in Primary yesterday. She did so well. You could understand every word she said. It was really fun. Then, when we got home from church and we were eating dessert she looked really serious and started telling us about this movie they watched in sharing time. Her eyes got real big and she said, "Did you know Jesus died? The bad men hurt his body and back and tied him up and killed him. Then the people cried." It was so sweet that she was so concerned and really neat that we could talk with her about the Atonement. She wants me to call the Primary President so we can borrow the movie so she can watch it again. What a neat thing!
Noah is talking like crazy just in this last week. He brings me books and toys and says, "Open it." We finally fixed our doorbell that has been broken for 2 years and now he walks around pushing things and saying, "ding dong." When ever we tell him it's time to say the prayer, he folds his little hands and then will say amen at the end. What a silly. He's as crazy as ever though. When he and Arwen were supposed to be in bed, he climbed into Arwen's and then dived out and hit his nose on the book shelf. He gave himself quite the bloody nose--the second one this month! He's going through another stubborn phase and won't eat (well, unless it's dessert or ketchup!) It is driving me crazy.
That's all from us. Congratulations Matthew and Bethany! We can't wait to meet Dallin!

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Bethany said...

Evan has a pretty strict diet of ketchup as well. He'll eat almost anything as long as it is covered in ketchup.