Monday, April 24, 2006

It has finally been warm here. Yea!! We set the trampoline up this weekend and Noah is already a pro at getting flopped around when Arwen jumps. No one has fallen off yet! They did whack faces yesterday and Arwen ended up with a bloody lip--now it just matches Noah. He has a blood blister on his top lip from falling on his face and a cut lip on the bottom from being a crazy monkey on the swing set.
I had recipe club this week. Heidi, I made the Spinach Poppy Seed salad we made when you were here. It was hit. All the ladies liked it the best!
Saturday we decided to go South. We went to the Temple first to see all the flowers. It was really pretty. The kids just wanted to play in the water though. Then we continued South to hit the Tulip Festival. The traffic was pretty bad, and then after stopping at the McDonalds play place, it was a little too chilly to go. We just went to the outlet stores because they have this awesome tree house that the kids like to play in. They must have had fun, because they slept all the way home. We also had really yummy ice cream cones there. It was a fun day!
Sunday morning, Aaron and the kids made cookies, then we all played on the trampoline in the nice warm sunshine. Church was nice. Noah was a wild man in Relief Society. It must be because we spiked his hair. I don't know, but he was out of control. He kept throwing all his toys and cheerios and screaming and laughing at himself. What a cutie! Then that night we went to a big Ward Choir practice. Our ward gets to sing at the dedication of our new Stake Center next Sunday. It should be great!
Happy Birthday Kelly! We hope you have a great day!


heidi nielsen said...

Sarah, I was trying to get Austin to sit on my lap all through RS this Sunday so I just kept giving him Cheerios to keep him occupied. He ended up throwing them up on my freshly dry cleaned skirt and the lady next to us. Whoops. So, we went home early. But, besides that he was surprsingly a very good boy and didn't even whine about not being able to play with all the other kids in the trashcan =).

Bethany said...

I ave been all alone during RS and actually able to fully enjoy it for quite awhile now that it will be an adjustment to have a baby. I've never had a newborn at church before so this will be fun.

ps - Noah's hair is so cute!