Saturday, May 13, 2006

The kids have had a great time playing outside when it has been nice. It's great-I can just send them out by themselves and sometimes they stay out there for up to a half hour without coming to pester, or beg for food. Speaking of begging for food, Noah won't eat again--unless it's candy or chocolate. He begs for those every day when he wakes up. He's so naughty. Then there is Arwen-she begs for food of any kind all day!! What silly kids.

Arwenisms : She likes this show called "Bob The Builder." There is this character named Spud who is sooo bad and does bad things every episode. So she asks me, "Mom, what we gonna do with Spud?" I said, "Should we sell him to the gypsies, or put him in the circus?" (Those are our standard answers.) She says, "No. Mom, we just need to teach him." It was pretty cute!
The other night her and Aaron were playing with the food from her kitchen set. Aaron was getting bored of it and told Arwen that he didn't want any more food. Arwen said, "Dad, just tell me you want more and I'll tell you that you can't!" So she asked again and Aaron told her sure he'll have more food so she said, "Okay, just wait right here." What a little naughty thing.

Noahisms: He is talking like crazy. He says, "Hold you, " all day long. He has a little baby turtle and I caught him making turtle noises the other night. What's a turtle noise you ask? Well it sounds like, "Walk, walk!!" I think he's trying to quack, and it is sooo funny! He loves to dance and sing. He can sing the whole first line of Mary's Lullaby. Noah is a biter--at least he bites me all the time. I now have this scar on my arm from where he bit through my shirt a few weeks ago. What a little punk!

We hope all is well and that everyone has a nice Mother's Day!!


Bethany said...

Noah and Evan sound like thay have so much in common. What little stinkers we have. Evan isno longer a biter but it sure took a while. Good-luck!


Wow, it's been a while since I checked out your blog. I can't believe how big your kids are getting.