Monday, May 22, 2006

We had an entire week of hot sunshine!! The kids had a blast playing out in the backyard. I got them a pool that has a blow up giraffe hooked to it that sprays water out of its mouth. Arwen loves the "camel" she named Kyle and Noah is afraid of him when he sprays. They had lots of fun putting all kinds of flowers and grass, and garbage in the pool. We are wondering if maybe that's why Noah looks like he's covered in chicken pox right now. Thursday Arwen woke up with a rash on her face and back and chest--everywhere I put sunscreen. Good old Noah had it all over his legs--everywhere I didn't put sunscreen. Now it's on his belly and arms. I don't know--maybe it is chicken pox, but he's not sick and doesn't scratch them!
Noah has gone to nursury for the last two weeks. We've taken him in asleep both times. There is an older couple in there and the husband loves to hold the sleeping kids. Yesterday, Noah woke up when Aaron was transfering him and dove out of his arms and said, "play!!" I talked with the wife when I went to pick him up and she told me that they bonded and she just loves Noah! Who couldn't love a rashy little kid with a million teeth who loves to cuddle!
We had a huge thunderstorm last night. It even down poured! It was so fun and smelled so good. Aaron was in the middle of it walking home from a fireside. Lucky!

We were talking about moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas and then about Heavenly Father. She told me that she really wanted to give Heavenly Father a hug. I told her that when we say prayers and go to church we feel His spirit and that is like a hug. She didn't like that answer, but it was a fun conversation.

Aaron made the kids a movie. He scanned all the pages of "Where the Wild Things Are," and animated it and added cool sounds and music. Noah adores it and begs for it all day long. He is always saying, "Animals," or "Max!" It's cute, but gets obnoxious pretty quick!
Noah sometimes will talk in this really hig pitch voice when he is talking about something little or cute like babies or kitties. It's so sweet!!

Amy, I finally got to use my gift certificate from you. I ended up doing the Mother to Be package and got a massage and a foot treatment. It was so great and so much fun! Thank you so much!!

Have a great week! Happy Birthday Bethany!!



Mike said...

Who is it that styles Noah's hair?

Unknown said...

Aaron does it.

Anonymous said...

So cute! I just love the way you set up the website, it so cute and fun to read. Everything sounds so fun, and i'm hear taking tests, boo!