Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Well, apparently Arwen is famous! One of our favorite, soon to make it big song writers took Arwen's before mentioned poems and put it to music. Check out the songs. I think I like the second one the best...though the first one is pretty good too!
Totally cool song

Friday, June 19, 2009

One of my very most favorite things is when the kids "sneak" the camera and take pictures. They take photos of the strangest, silliest, best things! Arwen recently learned how to make videos. Here is one of her best. Presenting:

Slobby Bobby Had a Dog. By Arwen. Nielsen. The Author.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Joshua is 3 now! Our big boy had a fabulous birthday! Thanks to Bethany for hosting an awesome party us! She made a yummy dinner and decorated for our big 3 year old. Joshua was so excited all day! He wore his super cool "cake hat" that he has had for a few months.

We had a train cake that Joshua loved! He got lots of trains, chocolate, and gum for his birthday...everything he asked for! (He even got a train carrying chocolate...yippee!!)
Happy Birthday, Joshua! We sure do love you!
We had about a weeks worth of hot weather and the kids made full use of it with their new swimming pool, (we have to get a new one every year, thanks to our friendly raccoon!!) water toys, and popsicles.
Aaron put the super lens on the camera and was able to take pictures of Larkin from really far away without her knowing it. This is my favorite picture ever! I LOVE her eyes, and concentration it really takes to eat her tasty treat!
Uh oh, she spied Daddy here!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Okay. I'm a slacker. Like you didn't already know that. I have had lots of requests for an update on my blog. In my defense, I tried to do some posts yesterday...I have lots of pictures and fun stories to share, but all my pictures are not in jpg format and I forgot how to change them. (Read...Aaron if you want posts anytime soon, please just fix them for me, because like earlier stated, I'm a slacker!)
Here is what has been happening at the Nielsen house as of late. (Trust me, you wouldn't want pictures of this anyway!) My sis in law, Bethany and I drove all 6 of our kidlets down to Cali to visit Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen. We had lots of fun by the pool! But the real excitement was our 11 hour journey home. It all started the night before with Arwen throwing up all over me and the universe. She was sick in the morning right before we left. I grabbed 6 gallon sized ziplocs just in case. Well, long story short, good thing I did. Not only that, but we had to stop and buy more baggies. 4 of the 6 kids in the car vomitted numerous times! We caught it all!! Well...except for stinking Larkin. The naughty girl just didn't tell me she was going to be sick! Bethany and I made it home and were sick for the better part of a week, but we made it home! It was definitley the most memorable car trip I have ever been on!!
Now the kids are finally off their anitbiotics for strep throat, (yup...we figured that out just days after the crazu flu) only to wake up today with sore throats and snotty noses! Gotta love it! We're all good and happy though, just snotty! Hopefully I'll have pictures to post soon!