Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Okay. I'm a slacker. Like you didn't already know that. I have had lots of requests for an update on my blog. In my defense, I tried to do some posts yesterday...I have lots of pictures and fun stories to share, but all my pictures are not in jpg format and I forgot how to change them. (Read...Aaron if you want posts anytime soon, please just fix them for me, because like earlier stated, I'm a slacker!)
Here is what has been happening at the Nielsen house as of late. (Trust me, you wouldn't want pictures of this anyway!) My sis in law, Bethany and I drove all 6 of our kidlets down to Cali to visit Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen. We had lots of fun by the pool! But the real excitement was our 11 hour journey home. It all started the night before with Arwen throwing up all over me and the universe. She was sick in the morning right before we left. I grabbed 6 gallon sized ziplocs just in case. Well, long story short, good thing I did. Not only that, but we had to stop and buy more baggies. 4 of the 6 kids in the car vomitted numerous times! We caught it all!! Well...except for stinking Larkin. The naughty girl just didn't tell me she was going to be sick! Bethany and I made it home and were sick for the better part of a week, but we made it home! It was definitley the most memorable car trip I have ever been on!!
Now the kids are finally off their anitbiotics for strep throat, (yup...we figured that out just days after the crazu flu) only to wake up today with sore throats and snotty noses! Gotta love it! We're all good and happy though, just snotty! Hopefully I'll have pictures to post soon!


Mike said...

Wow, you guys really know how to party

AmyB said...

Sarah, You poor thing. we are 5 for 5 with the people in our house having strep but the throwing up sounds like a memorable trip indeed!!

jjcrew said...

WHAT?? When was this?? DIS-GUS-TING! Sarah, I'm soooo sorry. You should have called. I could've helped when you got back, silly girl. Next time!!