Monday, September 26, 2005

Hi! Let's see....Monday, for part of family home evening we got to go to Sweet Tomatoes for free (Thanks Scott!!!) Poor little Noah was sick and wouldn't touch anything but a little blueberry muffin. Tuesday I had enrichment. We did a service exchange. I ended up getting a homemade meal and I gave some hats (the kind you made for us at Christmas Marsha). Everyone loved them and came up to me afterwards amazed that I could knit, (ha ha!!!) and wanting some for their kids. Wednesday Aaron took Arwen to Scouts with him so I had sick little Noah to myself. The poor kid ran a fever of 104 all
week! Thursday I went to a pampered Chef Party (for 30 minutes cause I had sick little boy with me again). It was fun while I was there. I took Arwen to my Young Men’s meeting and she didn’t want to be there so we had to leave early. It was cute though. “Come on Dad let’s go play.” Then we took the kids to the movies because it was bring 3 cans and see a free movie night. I wanted Aaron to see Just Like Heaven (I'd already seen it with a friend and loved it!) but we couldn't cause it was a new movie. So we got our tickets for something else and still went to that movie. Noah was bad yet again, and I spent half the movie in the hall till he fell asleep and saw the end of the movie. Aaron really liked it! Friday, Aaron took the day off and we drove up to Seattle to see Joseph. While waiting to meet Joseph, we went to the Pike Fish Market. It was really fun! Arwen kept whining cause it was so stinky.

We got some strange mushrooms that’ll be fun to cook up, a lobster mushroom and some chanterelles. She got real excited when we stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and she got to pick a treat. A guy working there wanted to give Arwen some caramel he was making, but it was too hot. Then we walked around the space needle area and found Joseph. We went to the top of the space needle and got to look at the city. It was so cool! Noah, who I think was finally over his cold and perfect all day started to scream. Then he started grinding his teeth sooooo loud. It was driving me crazy. Finally I stuck my finget in his mouth to make him stop and guess what I found--his first molar bleeding through. Poor kid! Next we went to the restaurant on top of the space needle. We had seats right by the window. The restaurant slowly spun in a circle while you ate so you eventually got to see the whole city. We were there during sunset. It was beautiful. Don't worry--Noah was still screaming and whining during all of this. WE took turns walking him while we waited for our food (It was a pretty fancy restaurant,
but luckily it was kind of loud, so we didn't bug too many people I think.) Finally Uncle Joseph took Noah and got him to sleep in about 30 seconds. We were then able to enjoy our meal in silence (well minus a screaming baby!) Aaron had some seafood mix thing, I had seared ahi tuna and Joseph got duck. They were all really yummy. Then we had cheese cake and lava cake for dessert. It was so fun! Thanks again Jospeh!!! We had a blast. Sarah mentioned the view was awesome, if you ever go make reservations for an hour or so before sunset like we did, it was clear day and awesome sunset. And the city lights were beautiful. Arwen sure had a great time playing with her uncle Jophes! Saturday we enjoyed another meal at sweet tomatoes (thanks Scott!) and I went to Women's conf. that night. It was great!

She loves lipstick and lipgloss. She always says, "Can I have more lips." Then yesterday I gave her a kiss and she gave me a sad look and said, "You kissed my lips off myself." So I had to give her more.
She still crawls into bed with us too much. Last night I said, "Don't kick me tonight Arwen." She said, "Mom, I'm not even touching yourself." She says yourself, myself and his-self all the time and never uses them correctly. It's so funny!

HE can now sit up by himself and he's starting to pull himself up on toys and stuff.
He loves the bath!!! He freaks out when I try and get him undressed to get him in. He wiggles so much! Then when it’s time to get out, he screams like he's dying a painful death! We gave Noah his first haircut this week. We buzzed it. It's pretty cute, minus the few hairs that we missed! We have a silly little bald again!

Love, NASA

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hi! Aaron had a great birthday I think. Yes it was great, thanks Sarah! We went to Todai (sushi) and then to see a movie on the actual day. It was fun. Arwen enjoyed singing happy birthday all day practicing for when Aaron got home!Thursday morning we flew out real early to go and visit my parents. We had a great time and did lots of stuff in the short time we were there. We were able to go to the amusement park with my brother and sister while my parents took the kids to a big stake family fair at the church. Riding the rides was fun, but I think being kid free and not have to worry about them was better! Church was fun. I took Arwen to nursery and she wouldn't let me leave. It was fun to watch her in there. She volunteered to say the prayer and said a terrific prayer all by herself. They had a lesson on friends and Arwen told them all about Jesus. She knew all of the songs that they sung during song time. It's nice to know that she really is learning some good things! The nursery leaders sure were impressed (I was impressed with how good they did--our nursery is really lame in comparison!!). Monday we went down to Colorado Springs area and visited a park called Garden of the Gods. It's beautiful. It's full of all these huge red rock formations that would be awesome to rock climb on. Arwen and I hunted and found lots of agates. Noah had fun eating sand and rocks and Aaron took pictures. Next we went to this place called Cave of the Winds. It's this really cool cave found by a couple of kids out playing back in the day. Arwen kept holding me close and saying, "It's okay mom, don't be scared!" Later she found a little boy on the tour her age and went and held his hand so he wouldn't be scared. It was pretty cute. At one point in the cave they have this place where you throw something metal on the pile for good luck. Don't worry, Arwen swiped quite a few coins. What a klepto! IT was fun, but maybe not worth the 16 bucks each!

We were warned not to touch the walls or any formations when we wen't in. "... they feel just like rocks...and the risk isn't worth it, it's a fedral offence..." the guide blabbed. Well we'll all be doing 10-20, I think Arwen will get life if they ever check for fingerprints.

That night we went out to eat at a place called Casa Bonita. They have divers jump from up high into a little pool. It has a scary cave to walk through and ski ball and stuff. Arwen was so pleased when her grandma and grandpa bought her lots of pretty shiny rocks! Aaron and I got to go and see a movie with my brother and sister while my parents watched the kids again. Fun! The next day we drove to Boulder to see a water fall. Thanks to our teriffic luck, the path was closed so we didn't get to see it real close. Oh well, it was still fun!

We stopped down the road by the river and spent some time throwing rocks in the streem (licking the dirt off them in Noah's case). It was fun.

Over all we had lots of fun with my family! Arwen and Noah got lots of new toys and clothes and were so excited to be there!

I got home today to find that some people doing work in the street hit a water and gas line and have had to make calls to come and get my gas turned on and water cleaned out!

I was wondering why the water was cold that morning.

"Mom your house is bad. Grandma's house is good." she didn't want to leave last night.
"Uncle Milo!!" For some reason Awen called my brother Scott Milo. We have no idea why, but it was so funny!
We asked her if she knew what we did on halloween. She got real quiet and then said, "Toilet." Who knows!
"Where did both my grandmas go?" She still gets confused about saying grandPA.

Cute as ever!
We are now able to trick him and get him to take his formula when he is sleeping.
He can wave now. It's so cute!!

Love, NASA

Monday, September 05, 2005

Can't rememeber much, except duh, duh, dunnnn.... Noah's 10 month appt. It's not good--poor boy is apparantly not thriving, or so the Dr thinks. Man just cause his weight has dropped a little and he's no longer even on the percent chart anymore. His pin head is in the 5th and of course his height is in the 85th. I have two months to try and fatten him up. I'm not quite sure what will happen if I go in and he's still a runt. I'm to try and give him lots of formula (stupid me for giving away all my free stuff cause it sure is expensive) and make him eat. It's not that I haven't been feeding him, he just doesn't like to eat, or when he does, I find most of the food in his high chair. He's eating apples right now and he chews them and sucks the juice out and then spits out pieces of apple. His tray and bib are covered in spit up apples!! It was also funny at his appt cause he was in just his diaper and he kept scr! atching himself and the Dr got all concerned and said, "Oh no, does he have a rash? Does he always scratch like this." I told him no, cause he's usually not naked. And it looks like he has a rash cause he's been scratching. Oh well, hopefully he gets fatter so I can keep my baby!!

She had a telephone cord and wrapped it around her waist and said, "Look, I'm a princess." then she wrappend it on Noah's head and said, "Look, Noah's a sea horse."

Later I called her a princess and Noah a sea horse and she said "No, Noah's not a sea horse, he's a BAD sea horse!!"

I called ARwen a wild wilma and Noah a wild willy. Arwen said, "No, I'm a willy and Noah's a back pack." some imagination huh?

We were at wal mart today and she was standing up in the cart and the checker lady told her to sit down. She looked at me and said, "Why that grandma tell me no?" I told her cause she was being bad then she made a funny face and said in a funny voice, "Little Girl, sit down please." She was mimicing the checker lady. It was so funny!! What a bad girl with an attitude!

He's just little!!

Love, NASA

Saturday, September 03, 2005

All you artists out there, I'd like some suggestions on this one. I actual like it but think the cliff needs some work.