Monday, September 05, 2005

Can't rememeber much, except duh, duh, dunnnn.... Noah's 10 month appt. It's not good--poor boy is apparantly not thriving, or so the Dr thinks. Man just cause his weight has dropped a little and he's no longer even on the percent chart anymore. His pin head is in the 5th and of course his height is in the 85th. I have two months to try and fatten him up. I'm not quite sure what will happen if I go in and he's still a runt. I'm to try and give him lots of formula (stupid me for giving away all my free stuff cause it sure is expensive) and make him eat. It's not that I haven't been feeding him, he just doesn't like to eat, or when he does, I find most of the food in his high chair. He's eating apples right now and he chews them and sucks the juice out and then spits out pieces of apple. His tray and bib are covered in spit up apples!! It was also funny at his appt cause he was in just his diaper and he kept scr! atching himself and the Dr got all concerned and said, "Oh no, does he have a rash? Does he always scratch like this." I told him no, cause he's usually not naked. And it looks like he has a rash cause he's been scratching. Oh well, hopefully he gets fatter so I can keep my baby!!

She had a telephone cord and wrapped it around her waist and said, "Look, I'm a princess." then she wrappend it on Noah's head and said, "Look, Noah's a sea horse."

Later I called her a princess and Noah a sea horse and she said "No, Noah's not a sea horse, he's a BAD sea horse!!"

I called ARwen a wild wilma and Noah a wild willy. Arwen said, "No, I'm a willy and Noah's a back pack." some imagination huh?

We were at wal mart today and she was standing up in the cart and the checker lady told her to sit down. She looked at me and said, "Why that grandma tell me no?" I told her cause she was being bad then she made a funny face and said in a funny voice, "Little Girl, sit down please." She was mimicing the checker lady. It was so funny!! What a bad girl with an attitude!

He's just little!!

Love, NASA

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Mike said...

Maybe he is skinny because he eats more sand than food. See July 31 post for evidence.