Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hi! Aaron had a great birthday I think. Yes it was great, thanks Sarah! We went to Todai (sushi) and then to see a movie on the actual day. It was fun. Arwen enjoyed singing happy birthday all day practicing for when Aaron got home!Thursday morning we flew out real early to go and visit my parents. We had a great time and did lots of stuff in the short time we were there. We were able to go to the amusement park with my brother and sister while my parents took the kids to a big stake family fair at the church. Riding the rides was fun, but I think being kid free and not have to worry about them was better! Church was fun. I took Arwen to nursery and she wouldn't let me leave. It was fun to watch her in there. She volunteered to say the prayer and said a terrific prayer all by herself. They had a lesson on friends and Arwen told them all about Jesus. She knew all of the songs that they sung during song time. It's nice to know that she really is learning some good things! The nursery leaders sure were impressed (I was impressed with how good they did--our nursery is really lame in comparison!!). Monday we went down to Colorado Springs area and visited a park called Garden of the Gods. It's beautiful. It's full of all these huge red rock formations that would be awesome to rock climb on. Arwen and I hunted and found lots of agates. Noah had fun eating sand and rocks and Aaron took pictures. Next we went to this place called Cave of the Winds. It's this really cool cave found by a couple of kids out playing back in the day. Arwen kept holding me close and saying, "It's okay mom, don't be scared!" Later she found a little boy on the tour her age and went and held his hand so he wouldn't be scared. It was pretty cute. At one point in the cave they have this place where you throw something metal on the pile for good luck. Don't worry, Arwen swiped quite a few coins. What a klepto! IT was fun, but maybe not worth the 16 bucks each!

We were warned not to touch the walls or any formations when we wen't in. "... they feel just like rocks...and the risk isn't worth it, it's a fedral offence..." the guide blabbed. Well we'll all be doing 10-20, I think Arwen will get life if they ever check for fingerprints.

That night we went out to eat at a place called Casa Bonita. They have divers jump from up high into a little pool. It has a scary cave to walk through and ski ball and stuff. Arwen was so pleased when her grandma and grandpa bought her lots of pretty shiny rocks! Aaron and I got to go and see a movie with my brother and sister while my parents watched the kids again. Fun! The next day we drove to Boulder to see a water fall. Thanks to our teriffic luck, the path was closed so we didn't get to see it real close. Oh well, it was still fun!

We stopped down the road by the river and spent some time throwing rocks in the streem (licking the dirt off them in Noah's case). It was fun.

Over all we had lots of fun with my family! Arwen and Noah got lots of new toys and clothes and were so excited to be there!

I got home today to find that some people doing work in the street hit a water and gas line and have had to make calls to come and get my gas turned on and water cleaned out!

I was wondering why the water was cold that morning.

"Mom your house is bad. Grandma's house is good." she didn't want to leave last night.
"Uncle Milo!!" For some reason Awen called my brother Scott Milo. We have no idea why, but it was so funny!
We asked her if she knew what we did on halloween. She got real quiet and then said, "Toilet." Who knows!
"Where did both my grandmas go?" She still gets confused about saying grandPA.

Cute as ever!
We are now able to trick him and get him to take his formula when he is sleeping.
He can wave now. It's so cute!!

Love, NASA

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heidi nielsen said...

We love Noah's upside down smile in the picture of him and Arwen. What a cutie!