Sunday, April 09, 2006

Arwen has said some really cute things lately. She has this theory that she has tried to convince me of a few times now. We were shopping for new clothes the other day and she found some care bear panties that she REALLY wanted. I told her that she really didn't need them--that she already has three pairs. So, she tried her theory out on me. She said, "Just give Noah peanuts, he will turn to a girl, then he can wear them when he is big." For some reason, she thinks if we give Noah peanuts (remember he is allergic to them) he will turn into a girl. Nice try Arwen. Then a while later she found some "best friend" watches. It was a pack with two care bear watches--one for you, one for your best friend. She told me that she really needed them. People were walking by and thought it was so funny and cute. I kept telling her that she really didn't need them and that she needed to put them back. Then she said," Well, if I don't get them, then who will? I really need them. If they are not mine, who will get them?" It was really cute, and it broke my heart to tell her no, but what does a 3 year old need with two piece of junk watches?? After she put them back, she walked back to me so slowly with her head hung low, looking so dejected.

Noah really loves to go outside. He says, "Side," and stands at the back window. He also says, "Play," a lot. He says it really cutely. We have a hokey pokey Elmo doll that he loves to death. When he is upset, I ask him what he needs and he perks right up and says, "Elmo." Too bad Elmo is so loud and obnoxious!! He is doing such a good job sleeping in his big boy bed and taking naps there too! Our sweet little boy only has three more weeks until he gets to go to nursery! Yea!!

I had a stake Relief Society luncheon yesterday where Janis Kapp Perry and her husband spoke. It was so good and so fun. Then Aaron had choir practice in the afternoon. Before he left though, we made shortbread cookies and dipped them in chocolate. So yummy!



heidi nielsen said...

Are Arwens shoes on the wrong feet in that picture? I'm guessing she likes to dress herslef now a days =)

Unknown said...

Yea, those shoes are great because she can put them on by herself, but 9 times out of 10 they are on the wrong feet!

heidi nielsen said...

Did you ever tell us what the J stands for? Meghans pretty sure she came up with every possible name and none of them were right.

Unknown said...

The little guy's name is

Joshua Aaron Alan Nielsen

Arwen couldn’t keep a secret while in California and we forgot to let everyone else know once the cat was out of the bag.

Anonymous said...

Noah's eyes are so blue, it amazes me. You sure have cute children, I can't wait for Joshua to arrive!