Tuesday, March 21, 2006

PenangMalaysia Trip:
Kean Lee a guy from work took me to the other side of the island to Batu Ferringhi. It sounds like a big Star Trek convention but it’s just a bunch of "Hawker" food and street venders. I guess Hawker is a people, like Gypsies, but famous for food not for steeling your children. We found the black market DVD’s and I bought the re-release of Bambi for the kids for a dollar. We’ll see how it works. We ate all kinds of good and interesting food, the coolest was a 100 year old egg, or “country egg”, I took some pictures, it was pretty amazing looking, and not half bad. As far as finding something that Sarah the kids would like…well, all the clothes are American brands albeit knock-off’s, no local brands or anything.
The Muslim guy’s are singing their prayers outside right now, reminds me of Israel. Driving around here is scary, well driving myself would be crazy but riding along is bad as well. They drive on the wrong side of the road and every once in a while I’ll get startled when I look up and see that were on the wrong side of the road. The motorcycles are like flies, it looks like they are constantly in a motocross race, swerving in and out of traffic and passing cars on either side. The drivers here even make Israelis look like good drivers. I went out to lunch with the guy's from work every day to some new place. It was all good food but I’ll never remember the names of any of it. I ventured out at night and went poking around one of the shopping malls close by. Again nothing great, I got a waffle cone with chocolate and mint ice-cream. I don’t think it’s that they have great ice-cream here in south east Asia (I remember the ice-cream in the Philippines as being really good too) it’s just that when it’s as hot as it is any ice-cream is great. The language sounds familiar like they are all speaking Pig-Tagalog or something. Reading the signs I can tell a lot of the words are similar. It’d be fun to spend enough time here to learn the language. Anyway it was a fun trip, other than getting there and coming home. If any of you ever fly to Asia try to get a Singapore-Air flight, they are great compared to any other I’ve been on.



Anonymous said...


What kind of food was in the picture you posted? It looks like fish, but the grey stuff is confusing. That is so cool that your job sends you to these various places, you get to travel for free! Love ya

love meghan

Unknown said...

It's the "100 year old" egg. The grey stuff is the yoke. The texture of the yoke was like a hard boiled egg but the whites were like thick jello.