Sunday, March 05, 2006

We went down to the public swim center on Saturday for it’s grand re-opening and went swimming (it was free) with 1000 dirty kids. They have this giant kiddy pool and we splashed around with the kids. The kiddy pool is kept at like 85º but skin and bones Noah was blue lipped and shivering after a few minutes. Arwen will need to relearn all her swimming bravery this summer, but she had fun. Noah just broke a glass full of water and though it was the greatest thing, naughty little boy. Arwen was assigned to give the closing prayer in primary next week and was very proud of it, I forgot that Sarah would be in California, the poor little girl cried and cried when she had to give it back. Sarah finally got her new couches, they actually look good, and we were able to give our old couch away easy enough. They are the same easy clean (we’ll see about that) microfiber type couches that Matthew and Bethany have. I’ll be heading off to Penang Malaysia (just below Thailand and above Singapore) this Friday, I’m not looking forward to the jet lag, but it’ll be fun to check out a new country.




Bethany said...

I'm sorry we missed going to the "pubic" pool. I wasn't aware that such a place existed. Silly Aaron. Cute pregnant Sarah!

Unknown said...

Yeah, well the pool wasn't really as bad as the typo suggested :)