Friday, September 09, 2011

Hot Springs - Bubbles

 We went swimming at the hot springs on Memorial Day.  It was fun.  We've been there perhaps once a year because we're camping down there or just because for the last three years or so.  Three years ago when I was looking for a geocache I found a huge rock with a hole in it by the river.  I tried to bring it home to landscape with it but could not lift it.  Last year I did quite a bit of exercising and still hand no luck.  This year out of pure stubbornness I muscled that thing up the bank and hoisted it into the van.  It's now in our front yard.  And I'm still sore.

Smile Lulu...or just do what ever that is, it's cute too.

Noah brought the bubbles and had a blast.
 Got him to share with Arwen.
Nice goatee of foamy bubble blowing spit Noah. 

 If Larking didn't have a rock in her hand she had one in her mouth.

Noah got tired of running around trying to catch bubbles in his mouth and just had Joshua blow them straight in.  It didn't take him all that long to figure out that bubbles look better than they taste. 

 What a good little guy Joshua is.

 Nice bubble Noah.


heidi nielsen said...

So where is a picture of this huge rock with a hole in it?

Meghan said...

Love the rock story, Aaron, your'e the best. Also, did you stack up all those rocks in the first pic with lulu? Too cool