Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ever since Arwen's friend Jake moved away, we've been trying to find her some new friends. We invited a little girl named Emma over this week to have a little tea party with Arwen. Me and Arwen spent the morning baking baby chocolate chip cookies and baby brownies.
Then her friend got here. It was really funny to see Noah around her. He kept trying to sit on her lap which is funny because he's almost as big as her. She didn't like it one bit. She kept kicking and shoving him away. Arwen got super protective and told her, "No. no. He's just little. We need to be nice to him." (How many times have I told her that!!) Then they went up to play while I made lunch. Noah wanted to go
and play too and Arwen said that was just fine. What a great big sissy she is! Their tea party was fun. I think Noah enjoys them more than anyone. He loves drinking out of baby cups!
Friday night the clouds rolled in and trapped in all the heat. When I got up to go to the Temple at 5 on Saturday morning, it was over 80 degrees and SOOO humid--like Israel humid. It was pretty fun. It kept sprinkling off and on all day and it just got more humid and hotter!! Crazy stuff. We were supposed to have a ward 24th of July party, but it got cancelled due to the heat. So we went into Portland to get the kids some new clothes and to play in the fountains. There was a little fair going on there and we got free snow cones and balloons. There was one of those cool guys that paint themselves silver and pretend to be statues. A dumb girl threw a soda all over him. We felt bad so we gave Arwen a dollar to give him. He pulled out 4 of those crystal balls and did
neat tricks like David Bowie does in "Labyrinth." It was really cool! Arwen kept saying, "Give me more paper to give him so he'll do more tricks."
That's all from Portland. Joshua has his 2 month appt this week so we'll get to see what a fattie he is (or isn't if he's like Noe!!)


Mike said...

Great Pictures as always. Heidi and I feel you need to post at least twice a week seeing as how we visit your site every day in hopes of a post. I guess you could say we miss having family around.

Jen said...

I definately think you need to post more too! Anyways, that little girl Emma, if I see her pic correctly, lived 2 houses down from me, right? Her mom watched Kristin when I was at Cari's wedding. Her mom said she was so bossy and mean to Kristin! (which Kristin didn't care anyways, she's used to it) She's an only child,(not for long) so hopefully Noah doesn't feel bad...I guess she's always like that! I love that pic of Arwen. You better be scrapbooking that...

Anonymous said...


I love how you guys alter your pictures. That one of Arwen is adorable, do you just do that in photoshop?

Anonymous said...

Yep, Photoshop