Sunday, July 31, 2005

We had more swim lessons this week. Unfortunately, they didn't go quite as well. Arwen was feeling pretty comfortable I think and her true colors came out. All I ever heard was, "Arwen, don't....." Oh well. At least she likes the water. Thursday, we went to our little county fair. First we stopped and saw all the animals. Arwen called just about all of them camels. Then we went and let Arwen ride some rides. She was so cute. She loved them. She was even brave enough (and tall enough with her tennis shoes) to ride the mini roller coaster. A girl from out ward was in line too so she sat by Arwen. Poor little girl looked scared to death the whole time (I think she was too scared to cry or anything!) When she got off she told me that she wanted to ride THAT ride--the not scary ride. It was really fun. Then we went and played game and popped a couple of balloons and won her two little care bears. She sure was excited! Saturday we went to Tillamook to the cheese factory to get little Noah an ice cream cone. It was fun--Noah of course loved it. Then we went up north to Seaside beach with the intentions of buying and flying a kite because it is usually very windy there. On the way we stopped and got lots of taffy. There were about 2 million people at this beach and no wind! Oh well. Noah loved eating the sand and Arwen had a blast in the water. It was a beautiful day! On the way home, we stopped at a tiny little place and got some clam chowder and halibut. (The chowder was okay, better than Mo's, but not the greatest.) Our sweet little Noah has a high high fever today and is so sad. Aaron just quadrupled the size of his Deacon's Quorum so he'll be even busier lately!!

Arwenisms: "Look, chocolate. Chocolate! She's chocolate." She said this at the cheese factory while pointing at a black lady. Arwen loves to call Grandma Carrot. (She got confused when my mom told her she was Grandma Karen and now says carrot instead!) "I just trapping Noah." When I came down stairs, she had her little plastic chair on top of Noah. He gave a "PLEASE SAVE ME!!" look.

Noahisms: He army crawled for a toy. He's does really good at mimicking me. He claps and makes a funny noise if I do. Love, NASA

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