Sunday, July 24, 2005

We had a great week. Arwen started swimming lessons. They offer them here at our little community pool. She loves her teacher to death and does a pretty good job. You should see her do a back float. It's so funny. She puts her little hands on her belly and totally floats. She looks like she is dead though--she kind of has a grimace on her face. She loves to jump in from the edge too. After lessons they have mommy and me time and I swim for a half an hour with Arwen and Noah. Noah likes the water too.
Yesterday we had a busy day! First we went to the Farmer's market and got some blueberries and raspberries. Yummy. Then we went over to a couple's house in our ward. They have an online Halloween business where they sell costumes and stuff. Anyways, they bought a page in Women's World magazine and needed people to come and wear costumes for the page. Aaron and I got to do it. (Arwen would not keep her costume on--it was a rooster and she kept telling us that it was too scary for her! Noah freaked out too, so they won't be in the picture.) When it comes out you can all go and look at it. Since we did it for them they said we could each pick a costume out for free. Yea!!! After that we went to our ward barbeque. It was fun. The old bishop took all the kids on a tractor ride. He was driving it down a gravel hill and the trailer in back lost control and slid and looked like it was goin! g to tip over. Poor ARwen was on at the time and FREAKED out. She told me she didn't like tractors anymore. Poor kid. After the party we went and saw Willy Wonka. It was really fun. Arwen loved it!! She stayed awake till midnight to finish it was was soo good.
Church was good. Emily, Aaron made a really yummy carrot ginger soup that you'll love. You need to come and try it!!

"Mom, I'm gonna care bear tare you down!!" She was mad at me and had just gotten done watching care bears and decided to give me the care bear stare to make me be nice--except she still can't do s's very well and she tared me down!
Later I told her to care bear stare Noah and she said she couldn't because she didn't have a heart on her belly. I got a marker to draw one and she said," Oh mom, we ONLY draw on paper." Great, the one time she remembers one of her rules!

It's begun--and it's so funny! I was eating icecream the other day and sharing it with Noah. Apparantly every other spoonfull was not enough for him and he threw his head back and bared his teeth and made fists and threw them behind himself and shook! Yea, another rage baby!! It's so great. I love it when he does it (which usually only happens with icecream!)

Love, NASA

Happy Anniversary mom and dad!!!

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