Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Happy Halloween. We had a great fun-filled week. Noah's costume party was a blast. On Halloween night, we went the Halloween party at church and handed out candy there.

Here's my cute little frog...that would not wear his frog head!

Here is Spiderman and the witch getting their loot!
And don't forget about my pretty pink octopus!
"I'll cast a spell on you..."
Too bad we didn't get a better picture of this was my favorite costume ever!! After trick or treating at church, the kids came home and made themselves sick with candy while watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas." So much fun!


Danielle said...

hahaha...i love that she was the pink octopus! i'm sad i didn't go to the ward party now because it would've been so fun to get a picture of them in their costumes together! :)

Pricilla said...

Oh my word, that octopus costume is priceless. She and Carter would have been great together with his lobster costume!

The Thomas Family said...

Cute costumes for cute kids! So fun.

Loved all your Halloween treats for Noah's b-day. So creative!

Grandma Carrot said...

What cute costumes! Loved the octopus!

Meghan said...

Larkin looks so darn cute! I think she should wear that costume frequently.