Friday, March 23, 2007

Joshua is finally big enough to join the kids during their bath time! He loves it...until the kids get too rowdy and scare him. The tubs getting smaller and smaller though!!
What a silly, sweet little boy!
Noahisms: We were at the mall play place when a little kid was pushing Arwen. (usually it's Noah pushing another kid that I have to worry about..but not this time!) Noah went up to the kid and said, "Don't be bad, kid!" Then he went over to Arwen and said, "Arwen (he doesn't call her sissy anymore) I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" I then asked Noah if he was just sticking up for his sister and he said, "I'm just being the mom." What a goof ball!
We are having issues getting Noah to be reverent during family prayers. Aaron asked him to pray yesterday and he started, then stopped and said, "I can't." Aaron kept trying to get him to try and he kept saying," I can't" Then finally he opened his eyes and said, "I just can't. What are we going to do about this?" I was dying! I had my hands covering my face because I couldn't stop laughing. Aaron was speechless, when Noah said, "Tickle me!" So Aaron did and then finaly Noah was able to say the prayer!


Jen said...

WOW! Noah sure is a looker! I can't believe how old he is looking! I can't wait to see you guys this summer! Jake is counting down the days!

Pricilla said...

I LOVE bathtub pictures. You just have the cutest kids Sarah. Your whole family is just awesome

Meghan said...

Noah is so cute in that pictures, His eyes just glow. I love that how grown up that silly baby can sound!