Monday, April 06, 2009

Yea! Spring has finally sprung here in Portland...well for a few days anyway! We enjoyed beautiful, warm weather while watching General Conference this weekend. We went up to Jenkin's Estate and took a few pictures in Easter attire between sessions on Sunday. It was so much fun to be outside!! The kids love it...and so do I!! (Well...I don't like them running in and out ALL day and getting so dirty...but it's worth it to have happy kids!!) Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Okay. Let me just say that Larkin was a complete PILL when it came to smiling for the camera. Who am I kidding...she was a PILL when it came to staying where we put her! She wandered away in every single picture...she'll probably look at these in ten years and be convinced that we hated her because there are no pictures of her with the other kids!

I really wanted a picture with both my girls...but refer to caption under the previous picture!!

Here are my beautiful boys!
What a sweet big sister.

I love this picture of Arwen. She sure is a princess!

I have three more...but they are too big right now. When I get them resized, I will post them.


Grandma Carrot said...

The pic of you and Arwen is my new background shot...such a beautiful family!

Aarastas said...

Love the one of Arwen. Great job on these pictures.

Danielle said...

love all the pics! ethan's a pill too about getting his picture taking. drives me nuts sometimes. okay, anytime when i want a picture. :)