Monday, April 20, 2009

Woo hoo for sunny weather! We made full use of the awesome weather this weekend and ventured off to the coast to get some ice cream, cheese, and agates! We had a always!
We took a little detour and went up a road that leads to University Falls. We didn't actually see any falls, but it was a pretty drive. Here's Aaron precariously crossing a downed tree. It was a pretty far drop...

The kids had lots of fun playing in the sand and rocks. Arwen and Noah liked to climb the really big rocks and scream at us to look at them.
Here is how Larkin occupied her time...she dipped a small stone in a lovely puddle of salt water and then licked the salt water off. Yummy!
I love the green of the moss on the rock walls at the coast. Funny how it's pretty here, but I hate the moss that grows on my roof!

We had lots of fun, found lots of agates, ate cheese and ice cream, and really enjoyed being together!!


Memory said...

Your husband is one crazy dude.

Meghan said...

Go Aaron, looks like fun! I like that picture of you sarah, so cute!