Monday, July 14, 2008

Hooray! This is my 300th post!! To celebrate, we went to the beach...well not really, it was just a coincidence, but great fun anyways!! We headed off to the coast on Saturday...our first day in what seems like forever that we had NO obligations! We first drove to Canon Beach so we could stop by Bruce's Candy Shop. I was pleasantly delighted to see that they had expanded. If you gave me lots of money, I could be one happy girl in there! My favorite reason to go there is that they have the yummiest taffy ever!! They make it right there on location so it doesn't taste like trash and it is always fresh! It's amazing how much taffy you can get for $15!! Then we drove south a few minutes to Hug of our favorite spots. The kids had fun playing with the shovels and pails and basking in the sunshine!

Aaron dug a hole for Larkin under our blanket so she could sit and watch us while we played. Too bad it was too cold in the shade. Her little arms were ice cubes. She wasn't a happy camper anyways because she had shots the day before and was SOOO sick. She had a high fever and was super grouchy. Poor's so not like her!
Noah spent the entire time chasing waves and yelling things like, "Earthquake!!" He was so much fun to watch! When my back was turned and I would hear him scream, I was always certain that I would turn around and he would be drowning in the ocean...but nope, he was just so excited that he had to scream!!
Here is what Joshua spent the majority of his time doing...playing with the sand cars!
He ate LOTS of food with those sandy hands and it didn't even phase him! Oh to be a carefree child!
Arwen liked the little dot of sand she got on her ear when Noah kicked sand at her. She pretended it was an earring. Take a good look at that smile of hers...I will do a post later on of her new, maybe not improved :) smile!
Then we traveled South some more to the Tillamook Cheese Factory...another favorite!! We all got cones and I was pleased with the new flavor I tried...Cows in brownie batter! You need to try it! It was brownie flavored with some vanilla swirled in. Then it had little cow shaped chocolate peanut butter candies in it! So cute!! We let Lark try her round at her very first ice cream cone. She didn't let us down...she loved it as much as all the other kids have when they were babies!
I started out holding the cone and trying to keep her hands out of it. After about 3 seconds she shoved me out of the way, grabbed on, and dug in! We were both a sticky mess when it was done, but it was so worth it!! Then we went to out favorite beach in Tillamook and hunted agates. That was probably my favorite! Good old Arwen looks for about 5 minutes and ALWAYS spots the biggest and best agate! We always give a prize to the best and she hunts just long enough to find the best and then goes off and plays! The prize is always a Tillamook Beef Stick that we get at their factory store a few miles away from the Cheese Factory. It's 50 cents cheaper and way fresher than at the Factory! Fun times!!


heidi nielsen said...
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heidi nielsen said...

We had the bright idea of building a hole for Jack last 4th of July at Stinson so he could be near the boys playing in the sand. Unfortunately, the waves were pretty unpredictable and he got gobbled up by one. Jack's hole fun ended rather abruptly.