Sunday, July 13, 2008

My mom found really cute things at the dollar store for the kids to play with. We had hours of fun being pirates. I had to be Peter Pan and the naughty pirates killed me time after time!!

Argh, ye scurvy pirates!
This pirate be hanged!!
Be good or you'll walk the plank!
We went to the Denver Zoo, which is always fun, if you can get over how hot it always is in the summer!!
We HAD to ride the train upon Joshua's orders! Josh spent the first half of the ride yelling, "No like-a the train!" Then the second half, he yelled, "Like-a the train!"
"The train, the train!!"
It wouldn't be a trip to the zoo without a hot dog!!
Here's my brother Scott, whom the kids call Uncle Milo for some unknown reason. Good job at putting Larkin to sleep!


Amber and The Boys said...

I wish that our trips to Denver would overlap sometime. It would be so much fun to get together! Can you tell me where that cool park is? We will be in Denver next week! Your sister is married? What?!? How old are we? And Scott is engaged. Wow!! Is it you or Aaron that is such a good photographer? You guys always have such great pictures!

Jen said...

Okay, that hot dog photo is just NASTY!