Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Arwen is COMPETITIVE!! Aaron thinks she gets it from me (??) and I KNOW it is definitely a Nielsen trait...come on, have you never played a game with one of them?? Death is ALWAYS on the line, you leave not being able to hear from all the yelling, and someone always slams the door to their room in anger!! Not that it's bad, it is always such an adventure! Anyways, Arnie's true colors came through at the Pioneer Picnic during the tug-of-war contest. Check out these pictures. She was vicious!

She had to be at the end of the rope to make sure everyone on her team was behaving!
She even let herself get pulled to the grass and risked grass-stains for the contest!
Sometimes, it looked like she was going to cry, she was so into it! What a silly...who lost her other front tooth last week!!


Memory said...

Oh my goodness! These pictures are totally priceless. I'm sure that competitive streak will help her succeed in a lot of areas in life.

heidi nielsen said...

I'm going to say Nielsen trait as well.

Anonymous said...

SO FUNNY! Arwen in her adorable pioneer dress and bonnet and her crocks lol lol What an adorable anachronism. I used to love the 24th of July. Our pioneer heritage is so special. The kids are all so cute.

I've forgotten my password or something so we're now anonymous. Love grandma and grandpa Willy