Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Joshua!! How could you not love Joshua. Everyone needs a Joshua. He is so stinking cute. I just can't get enough of him. He is finally really learning to talk and I LOVE to hear all of the cute new things he comes up with everyday. He does naughty things lately and then turns and smiles at me and says, " Just kiddin!" He is always so willing to go along with any plan that Noah comes up with and get into lots of trouble. He also loves to play with Arwen. His favorite things are trains, playing with pretend food and the kitchen set, watching movies, chocolate, and going for walks with Daddy. He is definitely our mope. He can pout like no other. When he's in full-on pout mode, he does this cry out of a little corner of his mouth...that makes him look like Popeye! We love it!! Squashy Joshy is the greatest!

Joshua has the best, biggest smile!
He has got the most gorgeous dark brown eyes. I love them!
Ladies, watch out for this heart-throb!

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