Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 3rd was my birthday! Jen took me out for lunch at the Olive Garden and then out for pedicures! It was sooo much fun!! We got back and Noah was dead asleep on the floor amidst a million other kids running around him. I should have figured something was up. We got in the van to go and visit Aunt Whitney and Meghan when Noah threw up ALL over. Happy Birthday to me!! Anyways, after so much vomit, we made it to play with Meg and Whit...which really wasn't too much playing and more cleaning up vomit and buying new clothes and a car know, what everyone wants to buy on their birthdays! Good old Noah!!!

It was so fun to see them though!! I LOVED Meg's new hair color and was so excited to hear about how much Whitney was loving BYU! We can't wait to see you girls at Christmas...or earlier maybe :)


Jen said...

I too LOVE Megan's hair. Even though I've only seen it in this picture. Sarah raved about it when she got home that night.

heidi nielsen said...

Laundry seems to a reoccurring theme while visiting Aunt Meghan. We had to do an emergency load last we were there too.